A History of BoyChat by Alexis (Technical Committee)

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The Formation of the BC Technical Committee

Here is Bonzo's description of the formation of the BoyChat Technical Committee and how it metamorphosed into the Steering Committee:

In late March '97 I established a web server account in order to develop & test server-resident software. To teach myself CGI/Perl programming I chose to tackle 2 real-life BC problems: the script monster and nick imposters. I emailed a handful of BC regulars [maybe 7 or 8] to check out my test board and discuss possible solutions for these 2 problems. Those I invited were chosen because their BC posts had impressed me with their technical knowledge. All but 2 posted to my board, and I half-jokingly notified each respondent that he had thereby become a member of the BC technical committee. The name stuck.
On May 6, Jim emailed me asking if my test board could be used as a forum for a larger group to address both short & long term solutions to the Digiweb 'dump'. I said yes; soon others were invited & you know the rest.

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