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The boylove community is a term generally used to apply to the sum total of boylovers in the world. This is its loosest definition, given a "community" as a group of people who share similar interests or ideals. In the strictest sense, there is no such thing as the "boylove community," given that so many boylovers live in isolation and even those who do connect with each other often do so in fragmented and often paranoid subcommunities.

The term, however, serves well as a useful shorthand to refer to boylovers worldwide, especially when one wishes to specifically indicate those who may not have yet found an actual physical community with whom to interact.

In a more specific sense, the term boylove community is also used to refer to those identifiable groups of people who do interact regularly in some form or fashion. For example, the posters at BoyChat are a boylove community, as are the posters and participants of other online boylove resources. Often the phrase "online boylove community" is used to indicate the posters and participants of Internet boylove communities in general, when one doesn't wish to limit the discussion to a single resource.

Boylovers are forever drawing lines and making distinctions (such as that between teen boy lovers and little boy lovers; see boylover for a fuller discussion) and many individuals identify themselves in their subgroup as a type of boylove community-within-the-community. Such subcommunities sometimes have their own resources and specialized websites as well.

A supercommunity of childlovers?

An issue of longstanding and often intense debate within the boylove community is whether or not it itself is a subcommunity of a larger community which includes girllovers. Some people on both the boy- and girllover side of the issue identify themselves as childlovers, which has an unclear definition as either someone who is attracted to both boys and girls, or as a generic term for someone who may be attracted to either boys or girls. Use of the label is controversial; see Childlover for more.

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