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Denial is a psychobabble term used by so-called "mental health professionals" (psychiatrists, psychologists, etc.) in treatment of their patients.

"Denial" is claimed to be a "psychological defense mechanism" used by "perpetrators" and "offenders" to escape responsibility for the criminal and/or harmful actions they allegedly "perpetrated" against their "innocent victims," or to deny that they need psychological "therapy".

The "sex offender" is required to "take full responsibility" for his perverted actions.

Denial and BoyLovers

BoyLovers who are required to attend "therapy" sessions, either as a condition of their release on parole, or, while imprisoned, as a prerequisite for early release, are put in a very difficult position by the "therapists".

The BoyLover cannot make any of the following (true) claims:

  • my young friend wanted to have sex
  • my young friend liked to have sex
  • my young friend was not harmed by our friendship, nor by the sexual activity that took place
  • I never forced my young friend to do anything he did not want to do
  • What I did with my young friend should not be considered a criminal act
  • BoyLove is a normal, though unusual, sexual orientation
  • If my young friend is now upset, it is not my fault - it is you, the police, and the court's fault!
  • I don't need treatment. This is bullshit. You are the one who is sick, not me! There is nothing wrong with me
  • The psychological basis for BoyLovers being persecuted is fraudulent!

Any of the above statements, if adhered to by the BoyLover, will almost certainly cause the "therapist" to report to the court that the BoyLover is "in denial", and not cooperating. This can mean additional incarceration time, or the revocation of parole, despite the fact that all the claims the boylover had made were true and factual.

Therefore, the BoyLover cannot contradict any of the elements of the "child abuse narrative" and the myths are perpetuated.

It also is common for a BoyLover (or even a non-BoyLover) to be falsely convicted of a sexual crime involving a minor, and the BoyLover must then fabricate stories of sexual activity or relationships with boys that never even happened or he will be accused of "being in denial" by the therapist. If the BoyLover refuses to do so, he may face more serious punishment, or be denied parole - even when the therapy sessions are ordered by the court to take place BEFORE the BoyLover has been convicted of any crime, and while he is still awaiting trial or sentencing! And nothing the BoyLover says to the therapist is confidential (though the BoyLover may not be advised of this) and any statements he makes to the therapist can then be used against him in court as proof of his guilt.

In the worst-case scenario, the BoyLover himself actually comes to believe that the therapist is right, and that he was wrong. He becomes a turncoat, and joins the enemy. In fact, this has happened with a number of BoyLovers, who have then been paraded in front of the media and the press as "proof" that the "child abuse narrative" is true and correct - "Here is a pedophile who himself admits how much he harmed his innocent child victims," they shout out with glee.

What a shame...

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