Epifora outage of 2006

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In October 2006, Epifora's Internet connectivity was terminated by the provider, MCI Canada, after its parent company Verizon had been subject to a campaign of complaints from the anti-pedophile vigilante organization Perverted Justice. On November 3 2006 the outage started, and for varying periods many of the websites of Epifora's clients were down until Epifora regained stable connectivity outside of Canada.

MCI Canada had provided the upstream connectivity for Epifora, meaning that they gave Epifora access to the global Internet. With MCI being the only provider in the Montreal area, Epifora could not provide any hosting or e-mail services during the outage and was reduced from a vital node in online boylover community to a heap of useless servers.

Verizon's termination was examined and criticized by parties such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation, whose staff attorney Lee Tien told Guide magazine "I think this is very, very dangerous to speech on the internet, and why you need some kind of legal framework to govern [backbone access]."

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  • The Big Chill by Bill Andriette, Guide magazine, November 2006. Accessed 23 May 2009.