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Newgon Organization (aka Newgon, primary benefactor of the Yesmap server) is an informal activist organization first set up at by Daniel Lievre and Jillium on Jun 8, 2007. Newgon, which has few official affiliates and no membership register, was founded after Google's censorship campaign against a number of MAP blogging sites, and was most active until around 2010 and again after 2021.

The organization's purpose is to produce concise information resources relating to MAPs and minor-adult sex, for the use of online guerilla activists and trolls. It has also hosted forums for general discussion of these themes, private forums to organize information campaigns, and helped organize groups of MAPs and allies who seek to raise awareness online. The organization's projects are maintained by the Newgon Support Team. Any websites it publishes or funds are registered and hosted with high-end freedom of speech providers and proxying services for the purpose of privacy.

The domain hosts the informational wiki you are currently reading, along with an archived webmagazine/blog. points to projects supported by Newgon.

For most of its lifespan, the organization has employed an official color scheme of navy, azure and yellow in most of its materials.

Historical commentary

Original 2007 Logo

The beginnings of this site...

Some time in late 2005, I was reading the daily news breakdown on "", and in coming across a reference to a "NAMBLA membership card" on one of their obligatory TeenBoy sex comment threads, decided to investigate further. Having been of the opinion that the contemporary conflict between the "inherent corrupting nature" of sexuality and the "innocent" child is largely constructed since my early teen years, I was fascinated that there may be campaigning organisations that represent my point of view. I quickly moved on to the NAMBLA website and those which were linked to it, especially the English translation of Vereniging MARTIJN's site. I decided to help MARTIJN by proofreading a couple of their articles whilst at the same time perfecting my debating skills on an unrelated bulletin board. After being banned from this board for upsetting the locals, I moved on to the (until recently) free-speech tolerant, where I would eventually take part in many debates on intergenerational love and other moral issues such as homosexuality and abortion. It is from one of these debates that the idea for "Debate Guide" was conceived by myself and developed with the help of a collaborator, Raza, who had been toying with these debates on an off for much longer than myself.

From that point, I continued to build the guide using free hosting from Google and inspiration from my own thoughts and many online resources. I went on to start an "easy reading alternative"; a blog called "Game ON!" (Hence the New-G-On that you see today) on Google's After only a few months and a hate campaign by rabid "AntiPeds" (as a side note, I have never had a pedophilic preference, although the label is often used as a straw-man), my blog was removed. The rest of my Google hosted sites would not take long to fulfil their destiny of reaching the online freedom of speech graveyard. From all of these sites, only my original blog and a few spin-off pages still existed, and even this was largely due to my more widespread efforts in preventing the addresses of deleted websites from being swallowed up by vigilante elements.

So what next? A few e.mails to free hosting providers confirmed my suspicions; hardly anyone is willing to risk hosting speech that is truly free, in both societal and monetary senses of the word. After asking for help, I was directed towards, a paid host that is only concerned with the legality of its content. Using this service, and the help of another web administrator, Jillium, I am re-hosting DebateGuide, along with a stable of other resources including what should become a community of like-minded activists.

Youth partnership is somewhat popular with youth who are disillusioned with public morality that suppresses their sexual autonomy. The website makes repeated references to adults' testimonies of sexual relationships in their youth.

Official statement: sometimes hosts discussions involving minors, some of whom are self-identified as themselves being sexually attracted to other minors. A minor's right to free participation is derived from international convention and other human rights agreements. In the case of, this right is fully "protected" by our exclusion of "adult" material such as pornography. Any attempt to "save" a minor from viewing or participating in (with curfews, censorware, violence or other means) is tantamount to thoughtcrime and is likely to backfire due to resistance from the minor themselves.


The registration is masked by a proxy service to reduce the risk of harassment, since the early beginning NewGon domain name and hosting was registered with a USA based self-proclaimed free speech host called NearlyFreeSpeech, in 2013 NewGon hosting company decided to require identity documents to the webmaster prompting NewGon to go offline while searching for a new hosting company without strict ID requirements. [1]


The site is a favorite with Usenet polemicists and has been criticized repeatedly on Wikipedia.


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