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The assault on sexual and gender minority children.
News icon.jpg Staff Writer, BoyWiki, March 7, 2022
A group of approximately 100 people and students gathered outside the Pride Center in Wilton Manors, Florida, on Tuesday (1 February) to speak out against the anti-LGBT+ bill.
(Maggie Baska , Pink News, UK, February 3, 2022 )
They'd rather have a dead child than a gay child.
( Alex Bollinger, LGBTQ Nation, April 28, 2022 )
I spent months writing letters to God begging him to make me straight. When he didn't, I decided to take matters into my own hands.....I’ve been gay since the second I sauntered out of my mom at St. Luke’s Hospital in July 1978. Not just gay ― gay gay. The kind of gay that people would whisper about. The kind of gay that people would worry about. The kind of gay that I could do nothing about. And for the first four or five years of my life, the kind of gay that I didn’t ever think to think about because it was just who I was and I still didn’t know I needed to hate or hide it.
(Noah Michelson, Huffpost, April 15, 2022 )
The mayor says homosexuality is against his religion. But the town's librarian is standing up to him.
(Molly Sprayregen, LGBTQ Nation, US, January 26, 2022 )
Students at Lakeland Preparatory School in Tennessee have reportedly withdrawn their request to form a Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) club at their school after conservative parents rabidly attacked them and a supportive faculty member. The parents claimed that even the presence of a GSA – which is also sometimes called a Gender & Sexualities Alliance – at the school will “indoctrinate” their kids into being gay.
(Alex Bollinger , LGBTQ Nation, US, January 4, 2022 )
One parent ranted about how the "inappropriate" Gay-Straight Alliance will be "trying to bait 10, 11 and 12 year old kids into their club meetings" with snacks.
(Alex Bollinger , LGBTQ Nation, US, December 17, 2021 )
The Spotsylvania County, Virginia School Board has called for the removal of books with “sexually explicit” content from school libraries with two board members even suggesting the banned books be burned, after a mother found LGBTQ content in the district’s library app.
( Molly Sprayregen, LGBTQ Nation, US, November 11, 2021 )
Follow Up
Teachers & parents rip school board to shreds for suggesting a public book burning
Parents, students, teachers, and librarians were not happy after members of their school board called for book burnings of “bad, evil-related material” in school libraries, and they let them know in no uncertain terms.
( Alex Bollinger , LGBTQ Nation, US, November 16, 2021 )
Cap The New Nanny (2021).jpg
Twix’s sponsorship of a Halloween-themed episode of Hulu’s “Bite Size Halloween” series is spawning outrage online from conservatives who are scared of the spot’s inclusive message. The video has mistakenly been confused as a commercial but is only a short clip from the episode.
(Bil Browning, LGBTQ Nation, US, October 29, 2021)
YouTube Video
Twix - Bite Size Halloween: The New Nanny (2021)
“Let Life Happen” shows a boy dressed up in his mother’s clothes, jewellery and make-up as he gleefully dances round the house to the iconic Stevie Nicks hit “Edge of Seventeen”.
( Emma Powys Maurice , Pink News, Uk, October 13, 2021)
Screen cap - Bobby's Big Problem.jpg
LGBTQ rights organization Born Perfect has released a short film called “Bobby’s Big Problem” to educate the public about the dangers of conversion therapy.
(Selome Hailu, Variety, US, October 5, 2021)