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On the International BoyLove day on december, 22nd, 2012, a BoyWiki Annual Report was posted on BoyChat, along with versions in german and french on Jungsforum and La garçonnière. Here is the english text, and links to the original posts and to the other versions.

This IBLD, the BoyWiki Council is pleased to roll out the annual BoyWiki Report, which is broken up amongst the various Wikis below. From everyone at the BoyWiki Council, Happy IBLD!

The english boyWiki report 2012

This IBLD, the BoyWiki Council is pleased to roll out the annual BoyWiki Report, which is broken up amongst the various Wikis below. From everyone at the BoyWiki Council, Happy IBLD!


Since the English BoyWiki's reopening, the Recent Changes pages has been very active, listing new entries and updates. It documents a wide-ranging effort of sorting out, categorizing, tagging entries, updating, adapting and new creating templates.

New entries

Among the new entries, the one on Azov Films Prosecutions has garnered the highest number of hits on each of the three Wikis. Originating from the German BoyWiki, it was first translated into French, then gained momentum when Will Robinson started coordinating his efforts both on BoyChat and BoyWiki. His updates had the remarkable effect both of showing similarities between the various cases that US LEOs are still making every effort to keep separated, and also raised interest among some of the defense lawyers. As a result, some people will be better defended, and better informed, because of it. Some have called this effort, along with the frequent updates on BC and efforts off-board by Will Robinson and others to engage and inform these defendants and their council of what is going on, BoyChat's and BoyWiki's "finest hour" and we on the Council applaud Will, Vallhund and everyone else involved for their efforts.

To emphasize the collaborative spirit of the Wiki we routinely don't mention authors (whose nickname is listed in the history page anyway), but in this case we felt it was appropriate.

We have a not so short fledgling on Ancient Greece, with chapters such as Grooming and Courtship, Social Aspects and Sexual Practices. It is not so short a fledgling on a very expandable topic.

The entry on IBLD Art by Scruffy Lad, has a display of these IBLD themed postcards along with a history and an explanation of the intent of their creator.

Thanks to our South Park entry we know how and when young Cartman joined NAMBLA. Also several definitions have been added to Category:Dictionary, through which we can learn more about Satin Boylovers, the High Boylover Priesthood, Pansexuals and Legal Entrapment.

There is a new entry on Michael Cuesta's already cult movie L.I.E. containing a plot summary which reminds the circumstances of Howie and Big John's first night. It adds up to a relatively small and promising Category : Film

An entry on child actor Nolan Gould bears promising tags such as '1998 Births', 'American Child Actors', 'Television actors', etc.

The YourIBLD page talks about the history and concept of the now-Defunct YourIBLD site created by Holden and Connor, complete with a few updated screen captures. Category:Online_history, to which this entry adds up, had already a number of interesting entries such as BLSafetyNet, BoyLove Survey and Research Institute, Christian Boylove Forum, CrossRoads and FreeSpirits.

Updated entries

The following pages were updated since the reopening:

International BoyLove Day, Internet Explorer, Onion Router, Anonymity Tor, Browser Security, IP Address, Internet Security Tutorial, Proxy,, Instant Messaging, NAMBLA Bulletin

Curator, Meteos (a video game, and yes, we have a Category:Video games), and the grim story of Samuel Weaver.


During this span of time, several more fledgling and to-be-continued entries were created. They deal with Civilization 5, Dr. Milton Diamond, State Rape, SafeHaven, Family Guy, and an Images Tutorial.

The media repository

Media.BoyWiki, our common, interWiki media repository, has been fitted with an Image CaseBook, i.e. trying to answer the question "Which images can I upload on media.BoyWiki?" and many new images have been uploaded (by admins and/or upon scribe's requests) that grace articles on either the German, French or English Wikis.

The german BoyWiki report 2012


Compared to the English and French BoyWiki, the German department has been less active in 2012. Yet although there are fewer German pages, the number of page views is relatively high. Thus, there are quite a number of readers to be reached by, a fact that should be a great motivation for the German community to engage in new efforts in 2013.

Looking back at 2012, the activity of some regular writers went down in the German BoyWiki. The pages with highest access rates are the documentation of the Azov Films, the definition of Boylove and the page on Masturbation. Also among the highly accessed pages are articles on safety and security on the net (Datensicherheit und Anonymität) and the book collection (Bibliothek). Especially regarding the boylove definition and the anonymity page, it is reasonable to assume that range of influence of goes far beyond BL community.

New entries

Some new pages have been added in 2012 as well. Thanks go to Maluquinho for presenting the German web radio Boylove Tunes. Sascha, Cyber008 and Torpedobl nicely described new discussion fora within the TOR network (Safe Port Forum, PAIS). At Psychopathia sexualis (Krafft-Ebing, 1886), Peter started a page on the definitive early work on pedophilia. Further assistance is very much welcome!

Updated entries

Of course there have also been extensions on existing pages in 2012. Soby was the main contributor keeping the Azov Films page up to date. In the meantime, Cyber008 has earned merits by adding the original Boylove-Manifest text from 1997 to the German Wiki. Salix and Ronny21 extended the contribution on the legal texts concerning BL (§ 176 StGB (Deutschland)). Furthermore, Peter has invested quite some time to inform the public on O'Carroll Tom O'Carroll, who became widely known as a journalist and author of "Paedophilia: The Radical Case" and "Michael Jackson’s Dangerous Liaisons". By the way, this is one of several articles where de.BoyWiki is factually ahead of the German Wikipedia -- you don't find a word on O'Carroll there.

The french BoyWiki report 2012

New articles in French

The number of articles has considerably augmented in the year 2012.

The Boy Calendar

Thanks to some witty coding, the daily pages of the Boy Calendar, which lists events of the history of pederasty, enables us to create, write and automatically update the 12 monthly pages as well as a consolidated yearly version of the same (easier for printing purposes).

Arts related entries

For the first time, a country, i.e. Italy, became the topic of an article. For now it is mostly a historical, art historical and cultural table. A few articles bearing on Italy have begun to surface, with artists such as Alessandro Allori, or pictoral works such as Caravaggio's charming Amore Vincitore and its 'pedophobic 'counterpart by Giovanni Baglione: Sacred Love and Profane Love.

Other art related entries were posted and added to, for instance a gallery on the French painter and engraver Gaston Goor with a sub gallery on hitherto unpublished illustrations for Roger Peyrefitte's novel The Oracle (L'oracle). There are also thematic galleries, e.g. one on leapfrog (a humble but promising start on that topic). Among other fledgling articles worth the attention is the one on sculptor Wim van der Kant.

Theoretically, each boy-themed work of art would deserve to have its own entry. It is already the case for Louis-Ernest Barrias' The Oath of Spartacus, Zacharie Astruc's Little Mask Seller, Denys Puech's Mermaid, Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux's Portrait Bust of the Imperial Prince, Thabard's Snake Charmer, and even an article on Simeon Roksandic 'Boy with the Broken Jug' a statue commemorating the tragic death of the young apprentice Sava Petkovic, a young hero of the Serbian independence.

Should the article on the Fascinum (a phallic amulet worn by most boys in antiquity and on) be tagged as Art or as a Society topic? Should the Phallus entry be tagged as Art or as Anatomy? The article on the French middle school slang word 'lapin' (Rabbit) is not ubiquitous: it's definitely not about zoology!

Literature, essays and full texts

In 2012, BoyWiki kept fulfilling its mission as a repository of texts on boylove. Many of these texts are out of print or otherwise unavailable be it on the web or in libraries.

Specifically we have samples of Lucian of Samosate's Dialogues of the Gods, a long article by Jean-Claude Boyer, published in the Arcadie magazine and titled 'Réflexions sur la pédophilie', as well as a remarkable study on François Augiéras' work by Dominique Fernandez: 'Une aristocratie morale' (text published on BoyWiki with the author's kind permission).

Also noteworthy is the fledgling article on the autobiographic tale The Old Man and the Boy ('Le vieillard et l'enfant'), which Augiéras published under the pseudonym Abdallah Chaamba. And another, more consequent study on a recently published novel, Pierre Fuzel's 'Mon coeur, de ton visage, n'a pu oublier la douceur' (My Heart couldn't forget your face's sweetness).

Two more full texts were published this year on BoyWiki ; in both cases they are important and it is difficult to lay a hand on a copy. They are 'La pédophilie en question', a dense collection of essays and studies published in 1988 under the direction of pastor Joseph Doucé and republished here on 39 separate pages ; and 'Hervé', an autobiographic novel by father Maurice Balland, in 17 chapters.

Catholic popes and saints

(About clergymen, let's mention pope Benedictus IX, who came on to St Peter's throne at age 10, or 12, or maybe later: he ended up being accused, a.o. of taking part in homosexual and even zoophilic orgiastic parties! Let's throw a veil on that Benedictus, whose brother never lead a boy choir ; and let's bend our attention on saint Pancrace of Rome, protector of children, of domestic animals and of Corsican bandits...)


Alongside books, periodics haven't been forgotten. That page lists about one hundred titles bearing one way or the other on pederasty or pedophilia. Most articles on these periodicals remain to be written, even though there are already entries on 'Breaking Boy News' or 'Europe', as well as on the Obapaïdo blog.

Other literary themes

A mere list as the above-mentioned one, can serve both as an index for further research and as a source for 'red links' that are a citation to work on these topics. E.g. the entry on Crime Fiction, in which some thirty novels are listed, meaning there is a huge lot of room for new additions.

More mainstream literature wasn't forgotten, e.g. with high school boy Charles Baudelaire, who would have had a form of particular friendship with Claude-Maurice Robert. The latter was a poet in touch with the crème de la crème of the Franco-Algerian pederastic intelligentsia. It is a very comprehensive fledgling, on which there is still work to do.

Nobel laureates

Worthwhile is the entry on Nobel Peace Prize laureates, which features an interesting explanation on the over-representation of writers among them.


To this day, BoyWiki's Cinema wing remains a weak point. It is surprising that this much loved art hasn't attracted more entries and more scribes. There's potentially over a thousand entries on full-length films, short fictions, series... and on directors and young actors. Cinephiles and cinepedophiles alike are welcome to advance this inspiring cause.

In 2012, A number of pages were added to the already existing boy filmography, to which a new fledgling section was appended starting with the page on 13yo boy actors. All other ages are in the books from babies to adults (known to have played the role of a boy).

The article on William Deenen's 'Claudius, Boy of Ancient Rome' demonstrates that it possible to say a lot and to show entertaining images about a mere second rate short film. (freely and legally downloadable). Another very particular film is 'Le collier perdu de la colombe' (The Dove's Lost Necklace) by Nacer Khemir, based upon Ibn Hazm's famous book mentioned hereunder.

Other cinema entries created in 2012 include: o 'The Cider House Rules' by Lasse Hallström o L.I.E. – Long Island Expressway by Michael Cuesta (fledgling) o Temporada Patos by Fernando Eimbcke

o Wild Tigers I Have Known by Cam Archer

The article on Sans Famille (Nobody's Boy) is but a disambiguation page, but already gives out precious indications. Do you know how many films are based on Hector Malot's novel?


More focused on the boylove theme are articles on sexual and affective orientation, on pedopornography and sexism in courts. Two very dissimilar characters add up to the mix: The courageous Norwegian lawyer Tor Erling Staff, who proclaims having had affairs with men since he was eleven or twelve years old and took much pleasure in it ; and the French doctor (with Spanish roots) Mathieu Joseph Bonaventure Orfila (1787-1853), who got caught in an "incredible pederastic action" after having written on pederasty as an "abuse," the "result of a sick imagination and a scandalous debauchery" in one of his treatise on toxicology applied to forensic medicine, one of the scientific fields he pioneered.

Arabic-Muslim civilization

BoyWiki's interests are universal, both in space and time, hence the recent articles on the arabic-muslim civilization. May they have an even discreet role, so that the Arab Spring doesn't turn into an Islamic Winter in some countries! Noteworthy here are e.g. Ahmad at-Tîfâchîy and his famous erotic treaty 'The Delight of Hearts: A Promenade of the Hearts, or What You Will Not Find In Any Book', Al-Fath ben Khâqân and 'Necklace of Rubies', Ibn Dâwûd and 'The Book of the Flower', and of course the andaluzian Ibn Hazm et his 'The Dove's Necklace'.

Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, was worth mentioning due to some of his childhood's interesting circumstances and episodes, and also because of his behaviour towards boys. Let's also mention the controversy that has been gaining speed on his marriage with Aisha, who is said to have been nine at the time the marriage was consummated.

On a more trivial note, BoyWiki has an entry on Morroccan boy singer Abd El Fettah Karim, which is more comprehensive than the one on Justin Bieber!


As far as Western style easy listening is concerned, there is e.g. an entry on the pop rock boy band Bandits.

In short on BoyWiki caters for all tastes, all ages and in almost every language!

Old articles which were augmented and/or edited

Some articles, e.g. Orphelin (orphan), have been significantly augmented or otherwise edited in 2012. Noteworthy too is the important addition that is a new 'scientific' translation of sura 4 of the Koran, which takes away any condemnation of homosexuality.

Also, we kept on a dedicated page the extant series of questions and comprehensive answers that made up the Huit*Nuits*de*BoyWiki game on the French board La Garçonnière at the end of 2011 and in the first weeks of 2012.


The French BoyWiki started up in November 2§008. Here are a few numbers:

o In the last four years, an average of 22 articles were created monthly.

o On average, There were 344 daily hits (on articles and other kind of pages)

o The main page had an average of about 26 hits a day.

Number of accounts with editing rights

There are about thirty active scribe accounts on the French version of BoyWiki, being, in alphabetical order: Aetos, Agnorum, André Ferron, Astolphe, Bjertum, Bron, Caprineus, Ccourouve, Clipeus Virtutis, Cosaster, Db, Dilettante60, Dimitri, Filboy, Gaëtan, Grandville, Hypnos, Jasp, Lahuri, Lascar, Loustic, Malik, Marc, Philadelphe, Phénix, Pinocchio, Setarcos, Skanda, Taka and Théo.

Other versions

Other, new language versions of BoyWiki are highly desired. All it takes is the constitution of a small initial team of two or three trusted admins.

A Spanish BoyWiki would be as important as the English one, potentially reaching to 20 countries and their over 400 million inhabitants.

We would like to see an opportunity for a dutch BoyWiki as well. It would fill in a gap left after the vicious public attacks on freedom of speech that the Vereniging Martijn fell prey to.

2012 Media.BoyWiki report

Media-BoyWiki is the common media repository serving all three extant language Wikis. 123 files were uploaded in 2012 to this day.

Noteworthy here is the special effort made to name the files in a clear, significant way, ready-made for BoyWiki scribes as well as for those who want to download them. This a far from the mess taking over most Wikis, Wikipedia included.

Signup and collaboration

In conclusion, we want to thank all those who are active scribes, those who were and those who will be! Even if your latest edits dates back to a while ago, the next is welcome anytime soon - because BoyWiki belongs to all of us.

As to those who haven't signed up yet, never hesitate: It is as easy as doing so on your favourite board, and most Scribe-level account activations take but a few days (usually two or three).

Best wishes,

The BoyWiki Council

Original posts and other language versions of the report