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BoyWiki Dictionary: Boy moment
n. (boi) (mō′mənt)

¹ A short story about a boy.

² A memorable or pleasant brief encounter with a boy.

A boy moment, or BM, is a moment taking place between a young friend and an adult friend, or even between any adult and a boy, that is memorable and has a positive effect on the outlook of the boylover or works to brighten up his day. The boy moment is an observation of a boy's behavior that may be either adorable or striking to the boylover, and is usually of an uplifting and positive manner.

For a boylover with intense spiritual and aesthetic appreciation for boys' behaviors and mannerisms, a boy moment can have an enormous impact on the boylover's outlook and will reinforce the very reasons why a boylover finds a boy so appealing and pleasant to be around.

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