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Ancient Greece

Archaic period in Greece

Classical Greece

  • Hermolaus of Macedon and Sostratus of Macedon
    • Alexander the Great's adolescent pages involved in conspiracy against the King. Hermolaus, punished by Alexander for having struck the quarry at a hunt out of turn, sought to revenge himself for the perceived abuse by assassinating the king. He enlisted Sostratus and others, but all were denounced and stoned to death.[[[1]]][[[2]]]
  • Epimenes, son of Arsaeus and Charicles, son of Menander
    • Two other pages from the same conspiracy against Alexander. Epimenes enlisted his lover, Charicles, who divulged the matter to Epimenes' brother, Eurylochus. This latter denounced to conspirators to Alexander's bodyguard, Ptolemy son of Lagus, who informed the king.[[[2]]]

Hellenistic Greece

Ancient Rome

Roman Republic

Roman Empire

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  • Michel Larivière. Homosexuels et bisexuels célèbres, Delétraz Editions, 1997. ISBN 2-911110-19-6
Ancient Greece  


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