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Paiderastia: Take Two is a controversial boylove blog administrated by Rookiee.


It was originally started in October 2005 under the name "Paiderastia" The Boy Love Revival. It attracted a lot of negative attention outside the boylove community, culminating with a news report on the FOX TV channel in April 2006. At around that time the Paiderastia blog was suddenly deleted, something that caused a lot of confusion around the boylove community. Later it was reopened (thereof the current name "Take Two"), and Rookiee announced widely in boylove forums including BoyChat ([[1]]) and that he wanted new team members for the Paiderastia blog, something that has resulted in the Paiderastia blog having a rather large team of contributors, currently counting well over 20.

A widespread rumour claims that it was deleted by Google (who provides server space to the blogging system used by Paiderastia) due to the controverses caused by it. But there are no real reasons to believe that Google did intentionally delete this blog (BC:993600). Rookiee himself claims that he has no idea why it was deleted ([[2]]).

It has since been "hijacked" by the antis, who have posted inflammatory information on the page.

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