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How is this relevant to boylove? --Etenne (talk) 22:12, 12 March 2015 (UTC)

I hope I've answered your question. Linguist (talk) 00:07, 13 March 2015 (UTC)
Also, since GlWiki and ChildWiki went away, and Newgon Wiki went read-only, girllovers have been homeless, so it's to be expected that they'll post some of their content here, because they have nowhere else to go. Specialized wikis of this sort tend to be susceptible to mission creep, when the boundaries of what's on-topic/on-mission are a little fuzzy.
Whether it would be desirable to resurrect ChildWiki is debatable. There were some tradeoffs involved in creating a wiki separate from Wikipedia to cover boylove, and there are some tradeoffs involved in girllovers splitting off from BoyWiki to form their own wiki too, but the arguments for the former fork are stronger than those for the latter fork. Lysander (talk) 01:33, 13 March 2015 (UTC)