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Young people below the age of eighteen have used the internet to involve themselves in the movement for intergenerational love, where they have been given respect and freedom from parental authority.

Our advocates' active age(s), sex and form(s) of verification are noted in (bold brackets):

  • David (14 - M) Boy who was inspired by his own relationship with an older man.
  • Ragwot (15 - F - Once verified by photo) Contributor to now defunct Paiderastia Weblog, and own weblogs (do you have an archive? Mail me!).
  • Pedo Child (14 - M) - Has regularly written to the MARTIJN boards.
  • Delilah (grade 6 - F) - Quoted on page 80 of "Children and Sex: New Perspectives" as saying: "I think that a girl can get pregnant at any age above thirteen because she should know what she is doing if her mother tells her about sex. My father thinks that I should not have a boyfriend. I think that if a girl want's a boy to feel her it is her business not her parent's."
  • "11-year-old faggot" (11 - M) - A boy talks to NAMbLA in "Boys speak out." Order: Nambla, P. O. Box 174, Midtown Sta. New York, NY10018. "My first statement is that I want to dispel the image that a child is an innocent little puppy dog. Children have plenty of knowledge about life, the universe and everything. But adults tend not to listen to their children. This innocent puppy syndrome represses the child's social, sexual, political, economical, and emotional desires. Children are not taken seriously and are expected to conform to a society in which they can't question its validity. This has got to stop! [...] A child is a sexual being. Therefore, children should have the right to explore any aspect of sexuality they desire to engage in. Why do parents, politicians, and police (the 3 p's) feed guilt into children that are sexually active? [...] Many people have been destroyed because of intergenerational relationships, people who could offer the world a lot if they had just not been persecuted for being different. Burning witches is a pastime which is just regaining popularity in the States."
  • Generation Wicked (Girls 12-16) is a committee of 12 teenage girls set up to advise the UK government on youth issues. The committee's agenda includes lowering the age-of-consent to 12.[1][2] The Web site that spawned the group,, also conducted a poll of 42,000 girls between 12 and 16 on the age-of-consent. 87% responded that it should be lowered from 16.[3]
  • Mark Moffett (15 - M) - A boy who has had relationships with men offers his opinion: "I think the age of consent should be lowered and probably abolished. But only after coercion laws have been strengthened and there has been an adequate education of prepubescent children. As it stands now, a lot of kids would be in danger since they don't know that much about sex and sexual relationships. ..It all comes back to education. After that children can be expected and given the freedom to have sex with whomever they want to have sex with...I don't think rape is being stopped now with the age of consent laws."[4]
  • Brian on this website and ATC started writing at 17.

Please note that we do not scan through all of the communities to which you may be contributing, so you must notify us, if you would like to be included in this list. Many additional young contributors can be found in the Archive.

An organised pressure group of minors for sexual consent or emancipation concerning other related issues would be a magnificent tool of activism.

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