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The Child abuse industry is, according to the article "The Political Use and Abuse of Children" described in the following way:

What is the "child abuse industry"?

"For decades, the government has deliberately crusaded to send society into a panic over child molesters, abusive parents, kidnappers, sex traffickers, and now bullies.
"The government’s campaign of panic is a raging success. The elderly woman who bakes cookies for neighborhood children, the man who sits beside a girl in the only subway seat left, the parent whose son has bruises from a fall, anyone who volunteers to supervise kids — all of them are now suspected as child abusers. Many need to go through a police check, complete with fingerprinting, before they can access the privilege of volunteering to work with children. Men especially are presumed guilty until proven innocent.
"Children have great political value. In the name of protecting children, state agencies break down the door that separates the private and public spheres. Every family is currently vulnerable to intrusion by Child Protective Services (CPS) acting on an anonymous tip; refusal to co-operate with them is seen as an indication of guilt. Pervasive monitoring of our personal communication is justified by the omnipresent possibility of child pornography."

Here one is forced to make a certain Politically Correct statement. Of course, by doing so, one reinforces the myth and stereotypical beliefs that are the foundations of the above. But that is the plan of the "child abuse industry". By criticizing the myths about (supposed) "child [sexual] abuse" one makes (so-called) "child [sexual] abuse" seem to be a much larger problem than it actually is. Did you notice the statement above: "the omnipresent possibility of child pornography"? Actually:

Most child abuse is perpetrated by parents on their children, and most child abuse involves physical aggression committed by parents on their children.

But the "red herring" focused on becomes child sexual abuse--this distracts the public from the real and extremely serious problem of parents beating, torturing, and murdering their children! Clever, isn't it?

Here is the statement--which is almost always false when describing the sexual relationships involving BoyLovers and their young friends--one is obliged to include:

Of course, child sexual abuse is a very serious problem, and many children are harmed for life by those who sexually abuse children...

Notice that "child" is not defined in that statement, neither is a definition of "sexual" included. That, again, is part of the plan of the "child abuse industry". The plan is to (falsely) define any sexual interaction' between a younger person and an older person as "sexual abuse".


CPS ("Child protection services") are state-run government agencies staffed by social workers who remove children from their homes, often on very flimsy excuses, and place them in "foster care".

While in foster care, they are often exposed to very serious abuse--physical as well as sexual (though some of the so-called "sexual abuse" is actually mislabeled, as it is consensual sexual activity between children, or with an older person). See the link below for more information.

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