Child sexuality

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Child sexuality is a poorly-researched field pertaining itself to the sexual aspects of a minor, including their sexual activity, orientation, and preferences. This field focuses specifically on the sexuality of minors, and not adults.

A child's sexuality primarily surfaces during and after puberty, though some elements of it may appear before.[Citation needed]


While there are many documented instances throughout history where children have engaged in sexual contact with other people, the subject itself has had comparably little research performed. In many cultures the subject of child sexuality is considered as taboo, though reasons for why vary from child sexuality being a sign of abuse to it being a sign of a child losing innocence and becoming an adult.[Citation needed]

Relevance to boylovers

To boylovers, the subject of child sexuality is of some importance. Most boylovers are paedophiles or hebephiles, and their primary sexual interest will be in children up to mid pubertal ages where the sexuality of the child will still be developing.

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