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Both Alexis' Boylover's Glossary and my memory have "Free Paed Collective" for the FPC acronym. Gany 22:54, 10 May 2009 (GMT)

I recall there was always a lot of confusion over "Collective" or "Cooperative". I'm not exactly sure which version is correct but the confusion should probably be explained in the article. --Bigham 18:36, 11 May 2009 (GMT)
Why does this article not qualify for inclusion in "Encyclopedia"?
And why is the title in "Fledglings" not "FPC (Free Paed Collective/Cooperative)?
User4 (talk) 14:18, 9 April 2014 (CEST)

Because it is incomplete. There is a lot more information that should be added --Etenne (talk) 14:27, 9 April 2014 (CEST)
NOTE: Please say "thank you" if you find the above links useful. Doing so will encourage me to continue to invest time in your projects. Not doing so will have the entirely opposite effect. User4 (talk) 14:12, 22 April 2016 (UTC)
Thank you. I am sure you may find Dragonlover‎ easier to deal with then me as he has more expirance in dealing with volunteers. Yes, there is much more that could be added to this page and I would like to get Buzz to add his input about the history of the site. Maybe now with the additional staff members maybe it well free up some of my time to do the things I would like to do as opposed to the things I have to do--Etenne BLSmileyface.png 14:24, 22 April 2016 (UTC)