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FPC (retitled Free Paed Cooperative; original meaning unknown) is a web hosting service for boylovers. Although it still serves existing sites, it currently does not accept new hosting requests.

FPC was created in 1997 to host boylover sites that needed a safe home on the Internet and was one of the first resources formed under the umbrella of Free Spirits. Although the site is now commonly known as "Free Paed Cooperative", the subtitle was added long after FPC was established, and is thus a backronym. Jimf3 originally registered the domain name for a wholly unrelated project.

In the aftermath of The Great Outage in 2001, FPC was no longer a resource of Free Spirits and took up hosting arrangements of their own. However the separation did not go smoothly. There was a huge dispute over how much of the donated money belonged to Free Spirits and how much belonged to the FPC. The dispute was eventually resolved to nobody's satisfaction.

The FPC hosted sites included Alexis's mindscape, which incorporates the famous history of BoyChat, the french BL portal Le Salon BLeu and the International Boylover Day site. As of 2015, the site no longer seems to exist. It was apparently taken down by it's owner in the aftermath of a hacking incident that occurred within the French boylove community.

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