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Scotty Bowers was a Hollywood petrol-pump attendant and later bartender, but these occupations were easily eclipsed by his role in the sex lives of the film stars and other major celebrities who frequented his adopted town.
(Edmund Marlowe, October 17, 2016 )
Out of the blue and after ten years of no communication, Australian teacher Fred Musgrove receives a telephone call from recently widowed, young Jonno, his lost love.
(Book Review, Edmund Marlowe, August 28, 2016 )
The danger and allure of prostitution for boys.
(Book Review, Edmund Marlowe, August 26, 2016 )
This story of a boy's life in Liverpool aged five to fifteen in the years 1948 to 1958 is told with profound humanity.
Many same-sex-attracted MAPs these days profess to feel completely separate from the gay community (sorry, LGBT-ETC-but-no-P community), but in reality, writings that are potentially relevant to us get published fairly often by members of that community. The opposite may happen, too – useful stuff published within our community may be out there for those LGBTs who are brave enough to take advantage.
Oscar Browning (1837-1923), Eton schoolmaster and Cambridge don, widely known as O.B., was an unusually colourful character even by the high standards of eccentricity often found in these ancient institutions.