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I am Asch, a Curator of BoyWiki. I made my first post to BoyChat as Aschenbach on 11 May 2002. Since then, I have been spotted at, Sure Quality Radio's chat room, and now at BoyWiki, which I try to dominate whenever I have time off from dominating the world.

I used to think of myself as a copyeditor, not writer, of wiki articles. Editing a young wiki such as this one changed all that, and I now quite often hatch fledglings about things.

I firmly believe that the founding of BoyWiki will prove a pivotal event in the on-line history of boylove. I delight in how it has grown and now boasts a cool 2,143 articles.

I also regularly delight in the beauty and love of boys aged seven and eleven.

Things you can do before Asch gets around to it

Wanted articles

Things to put in other articles

Wanted categories

  • Poetry

Ongoing and recurring projects

  • Go through articles and add or remove fledgling tags as appropriate. (Check talk pages for wanted material.)
  • Go through Category:Boylovers and search for supplemental information on BoyWiki, Google, and Alexis's History of BoyChat. Last wiktim: Kabouter
  • Go through Special:Wantedpages looking for boylovers.
  • Check correct alphabetization of articles about people. (Correcting alphabetization is done by linking to a category thus: [[Category:Famous boylovers|Last Name, First Name Initials prefix]]. See Jacques d'Adelsward-Fersen for an example.)
  • Add pictures to articles. (See "Picture ideas" below.)

Articles that need work

Picture ideas

Would these be too silly?

  • IBLD: a blue candle
  • Gerber: an infant boy (preferably with a smile on his face). Can't quite decide whether or not to use one of these two.

Coding ideas

  • Extension to MediaWiki that rewrites links to use deref.cgi like on BoyChat.

Origin of nickname

Aschenbach refers to Gustav von Aschenbach, protagonist of Der Tod in Venedig ("Death in Venice") by Thomas Mann. This short story intensely describes the ecstasy and the peril of boy love, and is strongly recommended. (Asch avoids the use of "von", as the von Aschenbach of the story did not receive that title until he was 50.)