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At some point, you feel secure enough about your work that you no longer feel any great need to boast of it at every opportunity. Leaving your boasts on the front of a user page becomes a little embarassing, actually, though that may say more about my cultural background than anything else. So I moved my contribution list here, from the main user page, so I can look at it in my own, slightly more private glee. Here it is.

Articles started by Asch

(Not including articles heartlessly left behind at their most vulnerable fledgling stage.)

...on technology

...on the boylover community

...about message boards

Additionally, I have started small articles on members of the community, including Alexis, Appy, Camper, Kasper, Kabouter, not, Jimf3, Fleetwood, Tygyr, Adam TBK, Milk and Cookies, and my good friend Atom.

...on boys music entertainment

...among royalty

...on grownups

...on BoyWiki matters

Significant contributed content

Significant editing