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This page contains a list of news articles that were featured on Portal:Boylove News Channel in 2013.

Archive of news articles: | 2010 | 2011 | 2012 | 2013 | 2014 |

  • Azov Films Prosecutions Starting in 2012, some US customers of Azov Films have been arrested and charged with receipt and possession of child pornography: some of the nude visual material has been construed as illegal by US Law Enforcement Officers ("LEO's"), including agents of the United States Postal Inspection Service.
  • 2013 Free Spirits fundraiser - BoyWiki is hosted by Free Spirits and is in danger of being shut down along with all Free Spirits resources due to money problems.
  • BoyWiki Annual Report (december 2012) Since the English BoyWiki's reopening, the Recent Changes pages has been very active, listing new entries and updates. It documents a wide-ranging effort of sorting out, categorizing, tagging entries, updating, adapting and new creating templates.
  • The Moral Structure of Pedophilia - In contemporary America, condemnation of pedophilia rests on sentiment and not on moral reasoning. Nobody can simultaneously explain why pedophilia is so vile and uphold the first commandment of the sexual revolution: Fulfill thy desires. (The Witherspoon Institute)
  • No justice system for old men - Recent prosecutions involving decades-old sexual abuse are not delivering justice, they are undermining it - for everyone. (Rosamund Cuckston - spiked, UK)
  • These child-abuse stats are PANTS - The NSPCC’s new campaign is built on the dubious claim that five per cent of people were sexually assaulted as children. (Ken McLaughlin - spiked, UK)
  • Manufacturing Fear: Halloween Laws for Sex Offenders - Why worry about sex offenders on Halloween? Research shows no evidence of increased child sex abuse on Halloween and no evidence that a child was ever a victim of sexual abuse by a stranger while out trick-or-treating. ( The Huffington Post)
  • Is pedophilia a sexual orientation? - Dr. James Cantor of CAMH has shown pedophilia is like a sexual orientation — a deep attraction that cannot change. Now, pedophiles who have never molested children are seeking social acceptance. (Toronto Star)

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