February 22

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  • 1857 - The father of the ultimate grooming organization - Robert Baden-Powell was born on this date. As a soldier, he achieved fame for his accomplishments as a leader during the Boer War. He formed the Boy Scouts in 1908 and, with his sister Agnes Baden-Powell, the Girl Guides 1909. Baden-Powell devoted the rest of his life to the scouting movement, writing many books on scouting, of which the best known is "Scouting For Boys." Baden-Powell loved hanging out with naked boys and encouraged them to swim naked. he also had a passion for pictures of naked boys. He recorded his dreams, which were often about young men. In one, he recalled, a young soldier snatched a whip away from him and asked whether he had ever been "disciplined." His attraction for boys took a stranger form as well. He had his wife dress in a manner to flatten her chest and had her cut her hair short like a boy's. He was mesmerized by the play Peter Pan, which he saw twice during its first month. Baden-Powell might have grown up, but he never left his not-so-lost boys behind.[1]
  • 1993 - "A witch, a communist, and a pedo walk into a bar..." - The Wall Street Journal published an article on this date called "Modern Witch Hunt - Child Abuse Charges." The article criticized the plethora of false charges of child sexual abuse in the aftermath of the 1974 Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act. The article said that this act "strengthened the 'child abuse establishment' - a network of social workers, psychiatrists, psychologists and law enforcement officials - that through its very existence frequently validates an individual's charges. In other words, this establishment, unintentionally or intentionally, encourages charges of child abuse whether they are reasonable or not." The article went on to present details of several cases of injustices created in this manner. It went on to compare the sex abuse hysteria to both the Salem trials and McCarthyism. Around the time of the publication of this article its author, Dr. Richard A. Gardner, a clinical professor of child psychology at Columbia University and an expert on child sexual abuse, testified in front of the US Congressional Committee on Economic and Educational Opportunities. he recommended several changes to the 1974 act to help remedy the problems he identified.[1]




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