February 23

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  • 1938 - Lights! Cameras! Boys! - Paul Morrissey, independent film maker and protege of Andy Warhol's, was born on this date. In 1968, he directed Flesh, the story of a teenaged male prostitute working the streets of New York. In 1982, he directed Forty Deuce, a film whose central story is about a street hustler who tries to sell a 12 year old boy to a middle-aged pedo. Kevin Bacon won an OBIE award (for off-broadway plays) for his portrayal of the hustler, and reprised that role for the film. In 1985, Morrissey directed Le Neveu de Beethoven, a film about the famous composer's desire for his young nephew, of whom he gained custody. I could be wrong, but I smell a theme to his body of work.[1]
  • 1999 - Now on BBC1, how to groom a boy. On BBC2 me telling you this. - The television series Queer As Folk premiered on television in Britain on this date. The opening episode featured the first meeting between two of the show's main characters - 29 year old Stuart and 15 year old Nathan (played by then 18 year old Charlie Hunnam). Stuart picks up Nathan, takes him home, and has sex with him. The scene was about as graphic a sex scene as one could imagine on television without actually showing the naughty bits. Anti-pedo activists were outraged at the show for its "immoral" content. Prissy fags were outraged at the show because they felt it revived old stereotypes that fags are into casual sex and go after boys. Pedos were pissed off that the show didn't have a young enough actor in the role of Nathan. Despite all that, the show was a hit.[1]
  • 2000 - Children are victims of the legal establishment, too - The University of Michigan published a press release on this date to report recent studies into the effects of criminal prosecutions for pedo crimes on the child victims. They described the process that the police and courts put children through as one that causes "trauma." The researchers reported that 64% of people accused of pedo crimes confess and 70% agree to plea bargains. They advocated that law enforcement should work harder to increase those numbers to spare children the further negative effects that the court system places on them.[1]




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