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  • 1984 - Just what the hell kind of hotel are they operating??? - On this date the television show Hotel (an attempt to recycle the formula from The Love Boat and Fantasy Island in a new setting) ran an episode where a man hires a prostitute for his teenaged son, who he believes is still a virgin and who he wants introduced to the wonderful world of coitus. During the episode, however, pop finds out that sonny has already been doing the deed with his equally underage girlfriend. Ahh, television!!! What a cultural cornucopia it is sometimes!!![1]
  • 1995 - Hey, man. Peace, brother. - In Canada, Bill C-42 was proclaimed into law on this date. It amended the Criminal Code to make it easier to obtain protective orders known as "peace bonds" (which are nothing at all like war bonds...). A "peace bond" is sort of like a restraining order, and can limit the mobility of a person, who they can come into contact with, and what they do under threat of imprisonment as punishment. The law allowed police and others to apply for a peace bond on behalf of a person at risk of harm. The maximum penalty for violation of a peace bond was increased from 6 months to two years. What crisis could motivate such an increase in power for the authorities to take citizens' rights away? Why, the fear of pedos, of course. The law was aimed at making it easier to take such bonds out against people that the cops or paranoid parents just didn't like the looks of, but had no evidence against. Three cheers for the criminal injustice system!!![1]
  • 1998 - Thus spake pedothustra - On this date a British tabloid (and when it comes down to it, does anyone really care which one?) published the rumor that famous writer Arthur C Clarke is a pedo. Clarke was pissed by the report, which, while true, came right before he was to be knighted by Prince Charles. The story caused the event to be postponed while Clarke rabidly denounced the report, saying that his attraction to pubescent boys is not at all the same thing as being an evil pedo. Clarke, who moved to Sri Lanka permanently in 1956, was investigated by the authorities there after the report was published. The Deputy Inspector General of Police interviewed the boys Clarke had sex with and concluded that there was no evidence that he had committed a crime.[1]
  • 1999 - Those are NOT golden nuggets! - On this date the Yukon Territory in Canada became one of the first places in that country to replace the penile plethysmograph with an alternative to determine the sexual interest of pedos. Dr. Carl Williams, a Vancouver psychologist who works with people convicted of pedo crimes, said that the plethysmograph was too invasive. He said most offenders would not agree to be tested with it because it meant they had to have their penis attached to a probe which would then measure the response to pictures they viewed. The test was replaced by the Abel Assessment for Sexual Interest. Cathy Deacon, who treats adolescent youth offenders in the Yukon said younger people tend to cooperate when it comes to using the new technique. She reported that she works with sex offenders between the ages of 12 and 20. There has never been any solid evidence that either the penile plethysmograph or the Able test can determine anything at all about anyone.[1]



Ad van den Berg passed away on February 1, 2023. He was a longtime Dutch MAP Activist and former president of MARTIJN.


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