February 9

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  • 1978 - How old is James, now? - Lance Kerwin was a ten and pedo favorite as the star of James At 15 on television. In an episode broadcast on this date, James lost his virginity to a Swedish exchange student. James could not use a condom because, NBC reasoned, the fear of pregnancy should erode their relationship and emphasize the point that sex holds serious consequences. The show's writer and director, Dan Wakefield, quit about not being allowed to discuss contraception. Incidentally (or maybe not so incidentally) this episode was the first one aired with the show's new title: James at 16. I guess 15 was a bit too young for him to be scoring.[1]
  • 2002 - I red the news today, oh boy! - The British communist publication called The Weekly Worker printed a story on this date about Amy Gehring, a 26-year-old biology teacher from Canada who was acquitted of "seducing" and "indecently assaulting" two brothers aged 14 and 15. The article said, "What is truly outrageous of course is that the case went to a criminal court at all. Whatever the exact - possibly unedifying - details may be, a cursory examination of the facts clearly reveals that we are looking at consenting sexual activity. Indeed, the jury was explicitly told by the judge that, although the boys had obviously been willing sexual agents, Gehring’s conduct was criminal by mere virtue of the fact that they were under the legal age of consent (ie, 16 years old). The nonsense starts from here." Even the commies know you can't rape the willing, unless, of course, you own the means of production. But that's another story altogether....[1]




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