February 4

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  • 1983 - Without a doubt, this one was made without a brain - The film Without A Trace was released on this date. The story is about a young divorced mother who remains strong and determined when her 6 year old son disappears. She manages to maintain an even emotional keel even when a detective unearths several clues which point to the boy being sexual molested by a pedo. The film was based on a novel, which in turn was based on a true story. In typical Hollywood fashion, the film goes for melodrama and stereotype where reality told a different story. This film is one of many that make up a genre we might call "pedo-splotation."[1]
  • 2000 - ... all in the name of "protecting" children - The father of two children in a community near Ottawa, Canada was arrested on this date after a technician at a photo lab processes a roll of family snapshots that includes four pictures of the man's 4 year old son goofing around without his pajama bottoms on. Police charge the man with manufacturing child porn. The man was released on bail on condition he leave the family home. The charges were eventually dropped, but the Children's Aid Society still demanded a custody hearing and parenting courses for the man and his wife. The man, who was a recent immigrant from Poland, spent all of his savings to clear himself. The harmful effects on his children at having their father accused, removed from them, and the interrogations they went through is much harder to measure, but no doubt, is very significant.[1]
  • 2002 - It's the law. It doesn't have to make sense. - On this date a State of Kansas appeal court upheld a law that allows young adults who have sex with underage partners to be punished more harshly if their partners are of the same sex. The case centered on Matthew Limon, who was sentenced to 17 years in prison for having sex with a 14 year old boy. Limon was 18 at the time this happened. If Limon or the other boy had been female, Limon's maximum sentence would have been one year and three months in prison, the appeals court said. The American Civil Liberties Union argued the law discriminates against homosexuals, and the DKT Liberty Project, a group with a Libertarian philosophy, said the law represented gender discrimination. No one, it seems, argued that the fact that the 14 year old freely wanted to have sex with Limon made it discrimination against love. Or is that discrimination against logic?[1]




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