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Portal Index is the main list of categories for BoyWiki

New categories

462px-Cscr-featured .png Activism | 462px-Cscr-featured .png Births | 462px-Cscr-featured .png Boys are new categories and do not yet contain many entries. Please help these categories to grow.





  • Fledglings are articles which have not yet received substantial attention from the BoyWiki editors. New editors/users are encouraged to hone their editing skills by improving these entries.


Special pages

BoyWiki Portals


  • Agora discussions about technical issues and editing.

ANSHUTZ Thomas Pollock 1900c Boy reading - Ned Anshutz 543x768.jpg

Boy reading : Ned Anshutz / Thomas Pollock Anshutz. – ca 1900.

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Help pages

  • Help wanted: BoyWiki is currently looking for people interested in writing for Boylove News, no experience required, will train. Areas of interest can include: Current Events, entertainment, community events and news, sex offender registry reform as well as other areas of interest. Contact etenne@boywiki.org

  • BoyWiki is going to begin its fundraising drive as soon as things become stable again to help off set costs for hosting and domain name renewal. However, please feel free to make a donation to Free Spirits at any time.