Sostratus of Dyme (mythology)

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Sostratus (Greek: Σώστρατος) was a Greek mythological hero, and a beloved of Heracles.

He was from the ancient Achaean city of Dyme, held in veneration by its inhabitants. As recounted by Pausanias in his description of Dyme, on the side of a public road there was the tomb of Sostratus, which was mounded by Hercules to honor his friend. At his tomb there was a pillar with the figure of Hercules where the Dymeans offered sacrifices.[1]

Modern researchers and archeology identified him with Polystratus, a hero of Dyme who assisted Heracles in the war against the Elean king Augeas and was killed there. Archaeological excavations uncovered a pillar identical to that described by Pausanias but with the name Polystratus on it.[2]


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