February 5

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  • 1914 - A different kind of spaceman - William S. Burroughs was born on this date in St. Louis, Missouri. He is best known as a the author of such books as Junkie, Queer, and Naked Lunch. The first chronicled his extensive drug use, the second his homosexuality, and the third the accidental killing of his wife. Despite his marriage and relationships with men, Burroughs had a strong interest in teenaged boys. He once said, "Anyone that says they wouldn’t fuck a 12-year-old Arab boy is either crazy or a liar." He was not the only author in his circle with such tastes. One of his good friends was fellow writer and fellow pedo Allen Ginsberg.[1]
  • 1999 - But their portrayals were so convincingly realistic! - The producer of a Channel 4 documentary about male teen prostitutes in Glasgow, Scotland has admitted that certain key scenes supposedly showing "rent boys" negotiating with their clients were staged. The "clients" were actually members of the production crew. Producer Maire Devine reportedly acknowledged the deception following an official investigation that was touched off by an exposé on a BBC radio program. Of course, no one ever explored the theory that while the people negotiating with the boys were members of the crew that they might just have been on break and looking for a little bit of action.[1]
  • 2002 - Sentence first, trial later, if we ever decide to get around to it.... - The Guardian newspaper in Britain published a report on this date about the potential problems of harmonizing the different perspectives on justice in a newer, closer European union. The offered as one example the fact that a man accused of being a pedo and committing pedo crimes had been held in Belgium without bail for five years and had yet to have his case go to trial. One must wonder what kind of so-called "justice" system can have a man in jail without a conviction or even a trial for so long.[1]
  • 2002 - Mr. Speaker, tell us all, who's unfairest of them all? - Representative Jari Askins of the Oklahoma State legislature proposed bill HB 2790 on this date. The law was to provide exceptions to the statute of limitations relating to sex offenders where genetic evidence exists. Under this bill, the statute of limitations for certain crimes, including acts against children, involving minors in pornography, and child abuse, could be extended indefinitely. The bill would allow prosecutors to reopen cases involving DNA evidence even after the statute of limitations expired. Not to be outdone, Representative Odilia Dank introduced bill HB 2202 on the same day. That law proposed the complete elimination of the statute of limitations for sex crimes against children.[1]




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