(Boylove News Articles) - NAMBLA used to incite fear in Oregon

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NAMBLA used to incite fear in Oregon
Bring us your kids or no cake for you in Oregon
by Staff Writer - July 3, 2018

Before a gay pride march in Oregon at a place called Drake Park on June 23, 2018, posters promoting the event on which the drag kid Desmond Napoles was featured stating that the event was sponsored by the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) and another group named “the Human Dignity Coalition” with the BLogo appearing below their name began showing up around the city. The posters also indicated that a girl lover named Todd Nickerson was going to speak at the event. There is a third emblem on the poster of a flag with possibly the Star of David on it but there is no indication of what this was meant to represent. The posters encouraged people to “Bring their kids” and that there would be games, prizes and pizza. It is unknown at this time who is responsible for producing and distributing this propaganda which was clearly meant to incite fear in the citizens of Deschutes County, Oregon.

These posters are a hoax and the boylove community denies any involvement in this event or any other gay pride march and the use of our logo on these posters is copyright infringement.

The organizers of this event and Jamie Bowman, President of Human Dignity Coalition in Bend, Oregon stated the obligatory disgust for the message on these posters and the confusion they caused but why also spew hate for the pedophiles? The pedophiles didn't do this. They are not the ones trying to undermine their march. The people at Human Dignity Coalition and those who are involved in these marches want others to educate themselves about gay and transsexual issues when they themselves are completely unwilling to educate themselves on minor attraction. Bowman issued a statement saying that, “The Human Dignity Coalition has never and does not now and will never support pedophilia in any way. We’re mortified that people think they can attach that to this community” and also that they hope to find out who is responsible. Our response is, if Ms. Bowman wants to know who is responsible for the hate, she should start looking in the mirror more often.