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This list is noninclusive. Many thousands of boylovers are killed or forced to commit suicide each year, most of whom we will never know their names.


390px-Black Ribbon.svg.pngMarch 2013 - The Barron aka Calloway long time BoyChat participant.

390px-Black Ribbon.svg.pngMarch 2013 - KRB long time BoyChat participant, tech support member for the FSC, and dear friend to many passed.

390px-Black Ribbon.svg.pngJuly 2013 - We were all saddened to learn of the death of St. Mule.[1]

  • August 11 2013 - Daryl Robertson, 39, of Eliot, Maine took his own life after being arrested on charges related to Azov Films.[2]

390px-Black Ribbon.svg.pngDecember 2013 - We learned of the passing of BoyChat participant Buke.[4]



  • January 29, Will McBride the popular American-born photographer and author of the sex education book "Show Me!" passed away.[12]

390px-Black Ribbon.svg.pngFebruary 27, Long time LifeLine and BoyChat participant Hangtwenty (aka incognito) passed away. He was 82. [13]

390px-Black Ribbon.svg.png August 1 , Paul Christiano, dancer, choreographer, B4U-ACT board member took his own life at 39.[14] [15]

390px-Black Ribbon.svg.png August 27 Robin Sharpe was a canadian writer, world traveler and boylover. Sharpe is particularly noted for successfully challenging several portions of Canada's child pornography laws. Robin was 82. [16] [17] [18]

  • Jacob Ciprian, 25, committed suicide while police came to his home to execute a federal arrest warrant [20]


  • January 1 - An unidentified 15-year-old loved boy was murdered by the Islamic State (Isis) in the Syrian city of Deir ez-Zor. [21]

390px-Black Ribbon.svg.png October 6 - Kermie passed away October 6, 2016. Kermie who was the founder of Enchanted Island and WEIRD Radio and dear friend to BoyWiki and to many boylovers passed away in his sleep on Thursday October 6, 2016.


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