April 12

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1928 - Makes dolls? Hangs out with his nephew? Hmmm.... - Playwright, director, actor, teacher, and novelist George Adam Herman, Jr. was born on this date in Norfolk, Virginia. Over the years his many accomplishments include writing award-winning plays for children and even a children's ballet. One of his greatest claims to fame is being the first actor to play the role of Drosselmeyer, the toy maker, in The Nutcracker as a pedophile. More recently other significant productions of this show have found a similar interpretation of that character interesting enough to do. The Nutcracker is generally regarded as a show for children.[1]

2001 - On the prowl for $200 million the truth is merely an inconvenience - On this date NAMBLA issued a statement rejecting the claims of the family of killed child Jeffrey Curley, who were suing NAMBLA for $200 million, that NAMBLA "trains members how to have sex with children." NAMBLA said the affidavits "show utterly no convincing link between NAMBLA and the violent acts" of the men convicted of killing Jeffrey. They added, "By trying to make NAMBLA responsible for a crime that it finds odious and had nothing to do with, the suit is an attack on the rights of anyone to express unpopular ideas."[1]

2002 - The "Townshend" defense does not always work - For three years, 71-year-old retired investment banker Frederick Schreier downloaded child porn and stored on his computer. He was arrested after the photos were found on his computer when he sent it out for repair. The defense brought in a psychologist who said that the man had fallen victim to "the seduction of the Internet" and had collected the pictures because he was reliving his own childhood pain. The judge did not buy it and convicted him. At 71, the man was sick with post-polio syndrome and confined to a motorized wheelchair. The judge sentenced him to pay a $100,000 fine and spend a year and a day in prison despite his condition. His attorney called the sentence "a death sentence."[1]




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