April 10

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1647 - There once was a pedo named John.... - British poet John Wilmot, the Earl of Rochester was born at Ditchley Manor in Oxfordshire on this date. At age 14, he received his MA from Oxford University. At 17 he joined the court of King Charles II, where Wilmot's "youth, good looks and wit" made him a popular lad. He is regarded as a pioneer of satirical poetry and made his views on sexuality well known in his verse. Here are two samples:

"Love a Woman! y'are an Ass,
'Tis a most insipid Passion,
To choose out for your happiness
The idlest part o' God's Creation!...

Farewell Woman, I intend,
Henceforth, ev'ry Night to sit,
With my lewd, well-natur'd Friend,
Drinking, to engender Wit.

Then give me Health, Wealth, Mirth and Wine,
And if busie Love, intrenches,
There's a sweet soft Page, of mine,
Does the trick worth Forty Wenches."


"If by chance then I wake, hot-headed and drunk,
What a coyle do I make for the loss of my Punck?
I storm and I roar, and I fall in a rage,
And, missing my whore I bugger my Page."


1980 - Yup, they were completely naked to film those scenes - Charlie Hunnam was born on this date. His first significant acting role was a show called Byker Grove which he did when he was nine. At age 18, he played 15-year-old Nathan Maloney in the British television series Queer As Folk. In the opening episode of that series Nathan has as graphic a sex scene with a 29-year-old-man as commercial television would allow. Pedos were disappointed that a younger actor was not chosen. Others were disappointed that Byker Grove did not have similar scenes.[1]

1995 - The beginning of it all - Robin Sharpe was returning to his Vancouver home when a customs officer found child pornography pictures in his possession. The police, upon investigation, found manuscripts and stories which he had authored and distributed. They charged him on this date on three counts; possession, distribution and making of child pornography. Through a series of trials over several years following this, Sharpe was able to successfully argue that the child porn law was too restrictive. It is through his efforts that Canadian legislation in this area was revised.[1]




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