April 8

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1984 - Tool time! More power to ya! - Taran Noah Smith was born on this date. He came to fame as the youngest son of Tim Allen and Patricia Richardson on the television show Home Improvements. For several years he was eye candy to pedos who would fantasize he might be interested in an older partner. Well, it turns out that they were right, although not quite as they hoped. At age 16 he met Heidi Van Pelt, who was twice his age. Just after his 17th birthday the couple married. He said of their relationship, "When people first hear about the age difference they think that something is up, but when they see us together they see us and know that there are really no gaps."[1]

1997 - Desperate people call for desperate measures - Chris Axworthy, an opposition member of the Canadian parliament, introduced a bill on this date that was targeted at people with child porn convictions. Firstly, the bill proposed that ISPs be required to violate the privacy of all users in order to help catch porn traders. Secondly, the bill proposed that people with child porn convictions just be prohibited from ever using the Internet for any purpose again. Thankfully, the bill went the way of just about all opposition bills - it died.[1]




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