April 6

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1483 - His legacy of art and love lived on - The renaissance artist who has been called the most famous person in the history of painting, Raffaello Sabzio, better known as Raphael, was born in Urbino, Italy on this date. As a young man was widely regarded as being exceedingly beautiful. As an adult he had many handsome young apprentices and even lived with the two boys who were his favorite students, Penni and Giulio Romano. When Raphael died (also on this date in 1520) he left his estate to the pair. Among his many great paintings is "Jupiter Kissing Cupid," the image of an elderly man romantically kissing the boy symbol of love. Another pedo, Germaine Greer, called Giulio Romano's painting of the Rape of Ganymede "the sexiest depiction of this subject." Romano also painted "Apollo and Kyparissos," another erotic picture of a man and boy kissing.[1]




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