April 22

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  • 1993 - Tommy, can you feel me? - The musical Tommy, written by Pete Townshend and made famous decades earlier by The Who, made its Broadway debut on this date. Pedo fans took particular interest in the early scenes when tommy was played by two different boys at different ages. In one of those scenes we witness Tommy's molestation at the hands of Uncle Ernie. One might wonder if it was images of similar encounters that Townshend was looking for when he went surfing for child porn online years later. [1]
  • 1998 - A life that was well worth living - Dr. Edward Brongersma was a well-known Dutch scholar and advocate of pedo relationships. He wrote the monumental work Loving Boys, was a lawyer, was elected as Senator to the Dutch Parliament, and was arrested and convicted for having had sex with a minor for which he served almost a year in jail. After his release he was re-elected to the Senate and served as Chair of the Judiciary Committee. Brongersma eventually retired from politics but remained active in writing, fundraising and research. He died on this date as a result of an intentional drug overdose. He was not terminally ill and was not in any pain or suffering. He was lonely, no longer felt useful, was "tired of life" and believed his life was no longer worth living.[1]
  • 1999 - "Gee, I'd love to rape and kill that boy, but my name is on a registry so I guess I can't" - The Premier of Ontario, Ernie Eves, unveiled his government's legislative plans on this date in the Speech from the Throne. One of the items was "Christopher's Law," a provincial sex offender registry named for 11-year-old Christopher Stephenson who was murdered in 1988 by a pedo on parole. When the registry came into effect two years and a day later, it was heralded as the first registry of its kind in Canada. It was said to provide police with "vital information they need to protect the public" by Solicitor General David Turnbull. Of course, all the information the registry provided was already available to police, but never mind that. There has never been any evidence by anyone that this or any other registry have helped to reduce crimes against children or help to apprehend perpetrators of crimes. There is, however, a ton of anecdotal evidence that registries result in the persecution of citizens. [1]



April 22, 1998 - Edward Brongersma was a jurist, boylover and boylove activist


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