April 2

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1928 - The game the whole family can play! - Actor, composer, director, and father Serge Gainsbourg was born on this date. In 1984 he recorded a song with his then 13-year-old daughter, Charlotte, called "Lemon Incest." In the video for the song the two are filmed in bed together. Charlotte also appeared in the film The Cement Garden, where her character has an incestuous relationship with her teenaged brother. Serge Gainsbourg's wife (and Charlotte's mother) was Jane Birkin, director of the pedo film Le Petit Amour.[1]

1992 - I knew God put liver on this earth for a reason - The film Leolo was released on this date. The film dealt with a very strange Canadian family and often focussed on the rather unusual sexual practices of the boy who is the title character. In one scene he masturbates vigorously as he spies on a dirty old pedo in the bathtub enjoying the pleasures of a young girl's body. The film is not strictly speaking a pedo film, but it is a favorite among many pedos for the charms of the boy star as well as some of the more perverse elements of his life.[1]

1998 - Dersh dishes dirt - On this date famed defense attorney Alan Dershowitz decried efforts by anti-porn crusaders to apply child pornography laws to simulated sex in films and ads involving actors or models who appear to be underage. In an interview appearing in Penthouse magazine, Dershowitz noted that doing so would have subjected the producers of Titanic to prosecution, inasmuch as the two lead characters are supposed to be 17. Dershowitz added that "you could find 12 jurors who would be outraged" by scenes in the film in which Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet make love in a car parked in storage on the ship and in which Winslet poses nude for DiCaprio. Well, outraged for reasons other than the fact that Winslet was butt-ugly, he meant.[1]

April 2, 2013 - In a court preceding that could have been straight out of the Dark Ages or the Spanish Inquisition, artist Graham Ovenden was found guilty at Truro crown court of six charges of indecency with a child and one count of indecent assault.[2]




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