April 18

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382BC - Work hard, party harder. Be like Phil! - Phillip of Macedonia was born on this date. Philip was the military genius who defeated the combined armies of Athens and Thebes, conquering all of Greece. He was always sure to take time out to enjoy some of the many boys and young men he surrounded himself with. It has been reported that he had as many as 800 young eunuchs that travelled with the army for his pleasure.[1]

2001 - The long arm of the law gets longer. - The British government launch a £25m Internet policing group on this date that was devoted to stamping out pedo "gangs" and other cyber-criminals. Law enforcement agencies and members of the IT industry made up the 80 member group, dubbed the "national hi-tech crime unit" (NHTCU), which concentrated on trapping pedos, such as the Wonderland Club, what the UK media called "the world's largest paedophile ring." Civil liberties groups expressed concerns that increased policing of the Internet would compromise people's privacy if the government did not produce stronger legislation to protect personal information held on computers. The head of Cyber Rights and Cyber Liberties, said, "You have to ask what the real problem is that the government is trying to address. The most pessimistic view is that this is the beginning of an Orwellian initiative from the government...."[1]

2001 - "One for the Hulk ... er ... Paul Hogan flick, please" - Tom Green's Freddy Got Fingered premiered on this date. The Toronto Sun reported that at one Toronto theater, teenagers familiar with the layout bought tickets "in droves" for Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles because they knew the screening room was located directly opposite the one for Freddy Got Fingered and the latter film, being R-rated, was not one they were allowed to see. Despite the fact that the Freddy Got Fingered screening room was being guarded like an armed camp, some teenagers reportedly succeeded in gaining entrance to the screenings. The film a commercial bomb, starred Tom Green as a man who falsely accuses his father of child molestation for "fingering" his brother, Freddie.[1]

2014 - The Supreme Court of the Netherlands overturned the decision by the higher court resulting in a final ban of the association Vereniging MARTIJN.[2]




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