April 25

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  • 1964 - You can ring his bell - Andy Bell, the singer for the group Erasure was born on this date. The band is widely associated with gay culture, and their "Abba-esque" tour was little more than one big drag road show. Bell, who is very gay, has discussed on a number of occasions in interviews his sexuality and in so doing has discussed the fact that in addition to men he is quite attracted to teen boys.[1]
  • 2002 - Yet another round up of the usual suspects - The biggest operation against Internet pedos in the United Kingdom to this point was carried out by 34 police forces on this date. Officers simultaneously raided 75 addresses across the UK, with large amounts of computer equipment seized for examination. The arrests included a 15-year-old boy and people involved in care work, teaching and medicine. "Operation Magenta" was the result of a six-month investigation and concentrated on people who use Internet chat rooms to advertise and trade in child abuse images.[1]




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