April 4

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1996 - This is no time for word games, Mr. Smartypants! - Daniel Gajdusek won the Nobel Prize in 1976 for his work on developing a cure for a rare disease found in primitive tribes who practice cannibalism. Over the next 20 years he brought back 56 children from research trips in the south Pacific and adopted many of them. He saw how boys routinely and willingly boys there have sex with their elders. When he won the Nobel Prize, he had some of his boys on the stage with him. on this date he was charged with sexually abusing a 16 year old boy in his care and pleaded guilty. When he was arrested at gunpoint at his home, he was asked whether he was a pedo. "No," he replied, "not in the way you are using the term, so I say no." With a plea bargain, he was sentenced to less than a year in jail.[1]

2001 - If 95% of those who know of it don't use it, take the hint - Despite the fact that V-chip devices and new TV sets equipped with the technology had been on the market for nearly a year, by this date only 3 percent of parents were using them and 39 percent hadn't even heard of them, according to a study released on this date by the Kaiser Family Foundation. In an interview FCC commissioner Gloria Tristani faulted the networks' commitment to airing PSAs about the V-chip, saying that, with the exception of CBS, their effort had been "plainly insufficient." Another explanation, of course, might be that parents just didn't feel the need for a "Big Brother" solution to "protect" their children from sexual content on television. One can only hope....[1]




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