April 9

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1993 - You know they had him join scouts just so Leo would have to wear the uniform! - Leonardo DiCaprio was at his sexy teen best in This Boy's Life, a film that was released on this date. In the film DiCaprio plays Tobias Wolff as a boy who has to deal with his mother's divorce, her new, abusive boyfriend (played by Robert DeNiro), and life in a new small town. His best friend is Arthur Gayle (played by Jonah Blechman) who unmistakably flames across the screen. In one scene, he expresses his affection for Toby with a kiss, which his friend does not seem to mind at all. A great performance in a great film by a gorgeous boy with some mild boy-on-boy content. What more could a pedo want?[1]

1998 - Hey, if a video existed it would have been on eBay long ago - A jury in Los Angeles found Victor Gutierrez liable for defamation on this date after he refused to provide evidence that he had a tape of Michael Jackson having sex with a young boy. The TV show Hard Copy, which broadcast the allegation, and producers at ABC TV and Paramount were dismissed prior to trial. Gutierrez had earlier authored a book, entitled, Michael Jackson was My Lover - The Diary of Jordy Chandler. The defense was based on California’s shield law protecting journalists who refuse to divulge their sources. Jackson sued for $100 million, but said he was content with $2.7 million in compensation. "Jurors told us that they not only wanted to compensate Mr. Jackson and punish Victor Gutierrez, but to send a message that they are tired of tabloids lying about celebrities for money," Jackson's attorney said.[1]

2001 - Talk about scarring a child for life! - In Ohio teenagers as young as 14 can be labeled sexual predators for life under a bill the state Senate Judiciary Committee passed on this date. The proposal was supported by police and victims' rights advocates, who said it would stop juvenile sex offenders from committing further crimes. Opponents, including the Ohio Public Defender's Office and advocates for children, said it contradicted the goal of trying to rehabilitate youthful offenders. "Children who commit adult crimes must face adult consequences to stop them from committing future crimes," said bill sponsor Sen. Jay Hottinger. David Bodiker of the Ohio Public Defender's Office said the proposal has the potential of branding juveniles for life for a problem for which they could be treated. "Do I want some sex-crazed juvenile attacking my daughter? Absolutely not. Do I want my best friend's son who is out on a date and does something to be branded for life as a juvenile sexual predator? I don't want that either," Mr. Bodiker said. The law allows judges to label teenage offenders with one of three adult labels: sexual predator, habitual sex offender or sexually oriented offender. Under Oho's "Megan's Law," an adult labeled sexual predators must register with authorities for life, habitual sex offenders must register with authorities for 20 years, and sexually oriented offenders for 10 years. At least 28 states have enacted similar laws.[1]




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