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1994 - It makes me hot AND it's art! - Sally Mann's controversial book Immediate Family was published on this date. Some called the work, which included many nude pictures of her own children at various ages, a great artistic achievement. Others called it disgusting child pornography. The pedo with a discerning eye thought, 'does it really have to be an either/or here?'[1]

1998 - How to stop a tidal wave - The UK Foreign Secretary, Robin Cook, announced new measures on this date to clampdown on child sex tourism where pedos, usually from rich western countries, travel abroad to have sex with youngsters. The plan he announced was for governments, charities and police from 25 Asian and European countries to meet in London the following October to consider ways of sharing intelligence on pedos and tackling the poverty that drives children into prostitution. He said, "We will let each other know when sex abusers travel so that we can prevent them from abusing children away from home." he did not specify how that would happen. According to reports issued around that time, a million children were entering the global sex market every year and that in Asia alone more than 650,000 children under the age of 16 were working as prostitutes.[1]

1998 - "How can we help you if you can't remember your abuse?" - The BBC reported on an article in the Journal of British Psychiatry on this date. The article stated that recovered memory syndrome, in which childhood abuse is remembered for the first time during psychiatric treatment, is a myth. It accused therapists of implanting memories of abuse through "questionable" psychological techniques. One victim of the sex abuse industry, who had memories implanted that later proved to be impossible was quoted in the report. "Bit by bit it broke my family into pieces and my poor father died in misery wondering why his daughter wouldn't speak to him - and I find that incredibly hard to live with," she said. The article said it is an area which threatened to bring the profession into disrepute. The paper was originally commissioned by the Royal College of Psychiatrists, but it caused such a controversy within the college that two years after it was completed it was printed as an independent paper.[1]




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