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  • Furries are not Boylovers
    Furries are not boylovers but apparently some boylovers are furries.
    News icon.jpg Staff Writer, BoyWiki, February 5, 2022
SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. — Hawaii got back-to-back homers from Kekoa Payanal and Kama Angell in the first inning, sparking a 13-3 win in just four innings Sunday over Curacao in the championship of the Little League World Series.
(JAKE STARR, AP.png, August 28, 2022 )
Viral video of young boy super excited over his new sewing machine is what you need today
A video of a boy’s excitement over receiving a sewing machine as a birthday gift has gone viral, gaining millions of views on the video-sharing app TikTok.
(Daniel Villarreal, LGBTQ Nation, August 20, 2022 )
A 10-year-old boy has been attacked by an 8ft bull shark while snorkeling on a noddle off the Florida Keys, requiring his leg to be amputated below his knee in a life-saving surgery.
( Alastair Talbot, Daily Mail, August 16, 2022 )
A scary play turned into a touching moment at the 2022 Little League World Series on Tuesday afternoon in the Southwest Region championship game between Texas East and Oklahoma. There might not be a better example of sportsmanship this year.
(Brian Donohue, News 12 New Jersey, August 10, 2022 )
The Florida sheriff whose detectives perp-walked a 10-year-old boy and published his mugshot for allegedly threatening a mass shooting at his elementary school says the public disgrace is scaring kids straight.'The vast majority of parents come forward and tell me: "Thank you for doing that. My child is now afraid of the consequences,"' Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno told on Tuesday. 'It is changing the way we behave. It’s changing the way children think.'Marceno, who touts himself as the state's 'law and order sheriff,' made an example of Daniel Issac Marquez, 10, after he sent a slew of text messages featuring pictures of assault style rifles and a written threat that said 'get ready.'
(Natasha Anderson, Daily Mail, May 31, 2022 )
This is the moment a schoolboy rugby player gives an emotional pep talk to a team mate who struggling during a training camp.
(Darren Boyle, DailyMail, April 30, 2022 )
A hidden message from an orphanage choirboy pleading not to be forgotten has been found after it lay undisturbed in a church pew for 125 years. The letter by 13-year-old William Elliott was written on August 11 1897 on the back of a chorister’s order of service at Sunderland Parish Church.
(Tom Wilkinson, UK News, March 28, 2022 )
An Indiana teacher was captured on school surveillance footage chasing after a student and slapping them round the face for wearing a hoodie sweatshirt to class.
(Andrea Cavallier, The Daily Mail, UK, March 3, 2022 )

A substitute teacher in California berated a 13-year-old student for wearing a pro-police mask, claiming the face covering was the new version of the Confederate flag, video shows.
(Jackie Salo, The NY Post, US, February 6, 2022 )
The Connecticut high school hockey player who died this week after his neck was slit open by a skate during a tragic incident on the ice has been identified. Teddy Balkind, a 10th grader at the St. Luke’s School in New Canaan, was fatally injured Thursday night during a private-school matchup.
(Patrick Reilly, New York Post, US, January 7, 2022 )
A 12-year-old in Tennessee took his own life over the Thanksgiving weekend after a long period of being bullied at school for being gay. Eli Fritchley was a seventh grader at Cascades Middle School in Bedford County. His parents told local news station WHNT he was a peaceful soul who played trombone in the marching band and wasn’t afraid to be himself.
(Randy Slovacek, Instinct, US, December 6, 2021 )
It’s not many fourth-graders who can impress the Wolf of Wall Street. But Jordan Belfort — the trader-turned-felon who inspired the Scorsese film — snapped up a painting this week by 10-year-old painter Andres Valencia. So did “Modern Family” star Sofia Vergara. Channing Tatum, Brooke Shields and artist Shepard Fairey also stopped by Andres’ booth at Art Miami after hearing about the prodigy.
(Jacquelynn Powers Maurice, NY Post, US, December 2, 2021 )
Heterosexual mom Sonia Loja killed her three kids - Junior Panjon, 12, Joselyn Panjon, 10, and Jonael Panjon, 5 - at home before she then took her own life, police confirmed today
(Claudia Aoraha, Daily Mail, July 28, 2022 )
A Minnesota mom who was just awarded custody of her 6-year-old son was arrested for allegedly killing him and stuffing his body in the trunk of her car.
(Allie Griffin, New York Post, May 13, 2022 )
Two Pennsylvania boys were on life support Monday after their mother shot them in the head while they were in bed at home in a wealthy Philadelphia suburb, authorities said Monday. The boys, ages 9 and 13, will remain hospitalized until their organs can be donated, a spokesman for the Bucks County district attorney said Monday night.
(Tim Stelloh and Marlene Lenthang, MSN, May 3, 2022 )
The Loganville Police Department said that four teenagers had been charged in relation to attacks against a 15-year-old male classmate at Loganville High School in Georgia, CBS46 reported. Authorities alleged that the teens trapped the 9th grader into a bathroom closet for a lengthy amount of time and doused him with liquid cleaning products.
(Maggie Baska, PinkNews, April 17, 2022 )
A Native American boy aged just seven was left in tears after two bullies cut his hair while their teacher was busy on her laptop. Andreas Garcia came home from Del City Elementary last week without his usual and traditional long locks.
(Alastair Talbot, The Daily Mail, March 22, 2022 )
A dad is facing murder charges after he allegedly told cops he whipped his son to death because he didn’t approve of the TV show the boy was watching.
(Caitlin Hornik, The Sun, March 19, 2022 )
Brandon Cervera was arrested by San Antonio police on Thursday in connection to the death of his son Benjamin. The 28-year-old dad was arrested after police obtained cell phone footage of the young boy begging for water and food, according to an affidavit.
( Danielle Cinone,The Sun, US, February 26, 2022 )
The horrifying conditions endured by the 13-year-old boy were uncovered by authorities after the teen was reported missing from the family’s Jupiter home on Jan. 30, according to cops.
(Kenneth Garger, The NY Post, US, February 9, 2022 )
Follow up
The creepy ‘prison cell’ where a teen boy was allegedly kept locked up and under constant video surveillance by his clean-cut (teleiophile heterosexual) Christian parents can be revealed for the first time by
(Ben Ashford ,The Daily Mail, UK, February 28, 2022 )
A Georgia mom was slapped with a murder charge when cops searching for her missing 4-year-old son uncovered human remains, authorities said.
(Mark Lungariello, NY Post, US, January 26, 2022 )
A six-year-old Chicago boy who was found dead in freezing temperatures in Indiana on Saturday morning was ruled to have been the victim of a homicide, a medical coroner said Tuesday.
( Tommy Taylor, The Daily Mail, UK, January 12, 2022 )

The harrowing last recorded moments of a 'tortured' six-year-old boy show him struggling to pick up his duvet from the floor where he was forced to sleep for days on end - just hours before he was allegedly murdered by his (Teleiophile) father and stepmother.
( Laurence Dollimore , Daily Mail, UK, November 23, 2021 )
A father and his partner have been found guilty of the killing of six-year-old Arthur Labinjo-Hughes. The boy was starved and tortured by (teleiophiles) Thomas Hughes and Emma Tustin, eventually dying of a head injury while in the care of his stepmother.
( BBC, UK, December 2, 2021 )
A man has been jailed for 21 years and his partner for a minimum of 29 years over the torture and killing of his six-year-old son, Arthur Labinjo-Hughes.
( BBC, UK, December 3, 2021 )
A five-year-old New Hampshire boy who was found dead a month after he went missing had fentanyl in his system and was the victim of violence and neglect, prosecutors said.
(Andrea Blanco and Sam Baker , Daily Mail, UK, November 23, 2021 )

A dog crate where a 13-year-old New Mexico was forced to sleep and where he died in 2017 has been put on display by prosecutors, as his brother is sentenced over his torture and killing.
(Christina Coulter, Daily Mail, UK, October 13, 2021)
An upstate New York woman has been arrested after she allegedly kept her boyfriend’s 7-year-old son locked in a room and starved him to death, prosecutors said.
(Jackie Salo, New York Post, US, October 10, 2021)
An LGBTQ back-to-school festival scheduled for Sunday afternoon in Fayetteville, Arkansas was cancelled by officials and the organizer after threats of violence.
(Greg Owen, LGBTQ Nation, August 8, 2022 )
At least 12 other state legislatures are now appropriating the Florida model and are considering similar “Don’t Say Gay” laws.
(Warren J. Blumenfeld, LGBTQ Nation, July 16, 2022 )
Students in a Florida school district can no longer access a training video aimed at helping prevent anti-LGBTQ bullying thanks to the state’s recently enacted “Don’t Say Gay” law.
(John Russell, LGBTQ Nation, July 12, 2022 )
Officials at a high school in Pennsylvania were forced to apologize and place a veteran French teacher on leave after the school's LGBT club staged a drag show event on school grounds last week.
(Paul Farrell, DailyMail, May 1, 2022 )

"I may have been suspended, but I will not be silenced. I am proud of who I am," said junior Jack Petocz after a protest against the "Don't Say Gay" bill.
(Mary Papenfuss, The HuffPost, US, March 4, 2022 )
LGBTQ students wanted to form a club in his district. "That’s what we have churches in the community for."
(Alex Bollinger, LGBTQ Nation, US, February 17, 2022 )

The artwork featured a rainbow Pride flag, an umbrella, and the words “Gay is OK”, and was drawn by a student at Oglethorpe Avenue Elementary School, in Athens, Georgia, which teaches children aged five to 11.
(Lily Wakefield, Pink News, UK, January 28, 2022 )
Follow up
Principal caught on video popping rainbow balloons sent in support of LGBT+ pupil
Oglethorpe Avenue Elementary School, in Athens, Georgia, has already faced immense backlash this year, after a school administrator took down a young child’s Pride artwork and compared it to Nazi symbolism.
(Lily Wakefield, Pink News, US, February 18, 2022 )
A group of approximately 100 people and students gathered outside the Pride Center in Wilton Manors, Florida, on Tuesday (1 February) to speak out against the anti-LGBT+ bill.
(Maggie Baska , Pink News, UK, February 3, 2022 )
They'd rather have a dead child than a gay child.
( Alex Bollinger, LGBTQ Nation, April 28, 2022 )
I spent months writing letters to God begging him to make me straight. When he didn't, I decided to take matters into my own hands.....I’ve been gay since the second I sauntered out of my mom at St. Luke’s Hospital in July 1978. Not just gay ― gay gay. The kind of gay that people would whisper about. The kind of gay that people would worry about. The kind of gay that I could do nothing about. And for the first four or five years of my life, the kind of gay that I didn’t ever think to think about because it was just who I was and I still didn’t know I needed to hate or hide it.
(Noah Michelson, Huffpost, April 15, 2022 )
The mayor says homosexuality is against his religion. But the town's librarian is standing up to him.
(Molly Sprayregen, LGBTQ Nation, US, January 26, 2022 )

Students at Lakeland Preparatory School in Tennessee have reportedly withdrawn their request to form a Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) club at their school after conservative parents rabidly attacked them and a supportive faculty member. The parents claimed that even the presence of a GSA – which is also sometimes called a Gender & Sexualities Alliance – at the school will “indoctrinate” their kids into being gay.
(Alex Bollinger , LGBTQ Nation, US, January 4, 2022 )
“My mom sold our home & everything that doesn’t fit in our car because the state I was born in is not safe for trans kids. Anyways… happy Independence Day to everyone who gets to celebrate that.”
(Greg Owen, 2022, LGBTQ Nation, July 11, 2022 )
Students at a Washington state high school Monday staged a walk-out in solidarity with a trans student, who was beaten in the school’s hallways the week before.
(Tammy Plunkett, LGBTQ Nation, June 14, 2022 )
Over the phone, Ms. Z said she’d like to meet to discuss some things my child had disclosed at school "just to get ahead of any potential problems in the future.”
(Tammy Plunkett, LGBTQ Nation, June 10, 2022 )
An internet troll complained that Redditors didn't fall for their "furries in school" hoax. Two week later, Chaya Raichik fell for it.
(Alex Bollinger, LGBTQ Nation, April 29, 2022 )
At some point between the ’80s and now, leaving children unattended in public became unthinkable. To let children as old as, say, 10 walk by themselves became grounds to investigate parents for neglect.
(Ali Breland, MotherJones, March 28, 2022 )
MANILA – Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has signed into law a bill that raises the minimum age of sexual consent from 12 to 16, his office said on Monday...
(By Reuters, The New York Post, US, March 7, 2022 )
When a bigoted Mississippi mayor recently threatened to pull funding from a local library unless they removed their LGBTQ books, an online group of furries responded by raising tens of thousands for the library.
(By LGBTQ Nation, US, February 3, 2022 )
State University of New York at Fredonia professor is under investigation by the school after videos emerged of him defending pedophilia and insisting it wasn’t “obvious” to him why it was wrong, according to a report.
(Yaron Steinbuch, NY Post, US, February 2, 2022 )
In the United States, up to 70 percent of sexual offenses against children are perpetrated by other children, typically a slightly older relative or playmate who offends in the context of ignorance, impulsivity, and convenience, not predation. Many states subject these kids to the same criminal consequences as adults who have been convicted of sex crimes; the most impactful of which can be registration and public notification, which typically lasts for decades or life, depending upon the conviction or adjudication offense.
( Elizabeth Letourneau and Luke Malone, Slate, US, February 1, 2022 )
When a publisher stops printing an old Dr. Seuss book nobody read because it contained harmful racial stereotypes, Fox News and the entire Republican party lose their minds over “cancel culture.”
(Ryan Grenoble, Huffpost, US, January 28, 2022 )
A school district in southeastern Wisconsin is telling teachers that they’re no longer allowed to put their pronouns in their email signatures, display Pride flags in their classrooms, or even wear clothes with rainbows because they make people “uncomfortable.”
(Alex Bollinger, LGBTQ Nation, August 1, 2022 )
CAPE CORAL, Fla. — Two boys are accused of battery after they allegedly sprayed two other juveniles with aerosol string, authorities said.
(Bob D'Angelo, Cox Media Group, US, March 2, 2022 )
Not content with making wild accusations about transgender students, now they're making ridiculous claims that kids are becoming "furries" and schools are making federally-mandated accommodations.
(Bil Browning, LGBTQ Nation, US, February 1, 2022 )

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