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How to requests file uploads

Only Curators and uploaders on BoyWiki have access to upload files. Therefore, this procedure has been set up to allow regular users to suggest files for uploading. BoyWiki users may also submit new images via email for consideration.



Provide: (1) a URL for an image that you would like an authorized file uploader to upload; (2) a proposed filename; (3) a proposed licensing tag; (4) a proposed upload comment; and (5) if requested under Fair use, indicate the publisher and (if applicable) the artist, author or creator. (6) your signature(~~~~).


Review each item and mark either {{Done}} or {{Rejected}}. In the case of a rejection, provide a brief rationale (e.g. "Out of project scope"). Requests more than a month old should be archived to BoyWiki:Requests for file uploads/Archives

Current requests

A picture of Ivan Noel. (1) (2) IvanNoel.jpg (3) "a proposed licensing tag" I believe this is in the public domain; (4) Ivan Noel portrait (5) The photo is taken from his vimeo page so I believe that he has put it in the public domain. (6) Thomasmann (talk) 01:51, 1 May 2016 (UTC)

Completed requests