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The BoyChat Steering Committee (BCSC) was formed in May of 1997 during the Digiweb hosting crisis by Jimf3 and in order to share work load and financial responsibility, he invited all the members of the existing BoyChat Technical Committee to join.


Jimf3 had recently become a member of the BoyChat Technical Committee when he was asked by Sean007 to act as assistant webmaster while Sean007 was away from the board for personal reasons. Jimf3 set out to raise money to pay for more secure hosting arrangements and Brother Bonzo offered his chat board to the new committee for use in conducting business. Jimf3 then invited leaders from around the BL Internet community to join the new committee. Accord, the webmaster of the then-independent BoyLinks, was one of the new members. The webmasters of Freedom and BoyWrite, also independent entities, became members at that time as well.

Several weeks later, Adam TBK, a member of the group, suggested that the new organization forming to host BoyChat, BoyLinks and all the other formerly independent resources be named Free Spirits, after Kasper's pioneering web site. The proposal was put to the committee and accepted by universal approval. At that time the committee was renamed as the Free Spirits Steering Committee. The Committee directly administered BoyChat, BoyWrite, BoyLinks, Freedom and several umbrella pages.

After a few more months, Alexis suggested that the word "steering" be removed from the name of the committee, as it contained some unintentionally unpleasant connotations. The committee approved his proposal, and has been known ever since as the Free Spirits Committee.

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