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BoyWiki is a Free Spirits resource which exists to serve the boylove community, but it cannot exist without the help of users like you. We depend on the support of the community at large in all forms, whether it be through the contributions of users, time spent doing research to improve existing articles, or the extra help of Users. But BoyWiki cannot exist solely through good content.

Free Spirits graciously provides the technical resources and expertise to host this resource and ensure its continual operation and security. Free Spirits supports seven other affiliated resources and hosts other sites to foster communication among boylovers. Free Spirits has been able to ensure a stable, reliable hosting solution for itself and its resources and maintain a dedicated server. But while Free Spirits is run entirely by unpaid volunteers, the cost of online connectivity for such controversial resources is very high.

All donations to support Free Spirits ensure the continued existance of BoyWiki and the other Free Spirits resources. We humbly ask that you consider supporting us and Free Spirits.

Supporting BoyWiki

Every contribution supports BoyWiki, but monetary donations are also appreciated. There are several ways to offer your support.

If there is an article you would like to be written or expanded, you can post a bounty on it. Simply list your desired article and the goal you want to achieve in the list of bounties with the amount you will donate once someone has worked on it. Remember that any amount no matter how small helps! Check back on the article and once the your goal has been met, move it to the list of collected bounties and mail in your donation to Free Spirits.

Write a sponsored article

The best way to help out BoyWiki--especially if you don't have money to donate--is to write articles that have outstanding bounties on them. Check the list of bounties and pick a bounty you have a lot of knowledge about or are interested in researching. Once you fulfill the goal, leave a message on the sponsor's user talk page and let him know you've made the improvements he requested.

Supporting Free Spirits

Contribute to Free Spirits

Free Spirits accepts donations all year long. Please send an email to for instructions on how to donate. Mention BoyWiki or not--any amount no matter how large or small goes directly towards the operation of all Free Spirits sites.

Participate in the Free Spirits fundraisers

Free Spirits organizes annual fundraisers to support continued operation of its services. As part of these, BoyWiki hopes its users will sponsor articles. However, participation in any Free Spirits resource supports each one.

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