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Welcome to BoyWiki
Preserving your history, culture, and heritage!




What is BoyWiki?

BoyWiki is an exciting opportunity for us, as boylovers, to record and preserve our own history, culture, and heritage. If it's of interest to boylovers, it belongs on BoyWiki, so feel free to explore what we have to offer: you can read anything on the site without signing up, and most entries are freely redistributable under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License.

Once you're ready to contribute to the many articles here, all you need to do is create a free account. Any registered user can make changes and create new pages immediately. You don't need to have any experience in making Web sites or writing HTML: it's as easy as making a post on your favorite message board.

Be sure and check out the help pages for a software manual and a list of frequently asked questions, and browse the modest collection of existing articles. Remember, if you can't find something you hoped to see here, you can write a little about it. Others who are interested in the same subject will join in and expand your new article. You can navigate through our categories starting from Portal:Index. We hope to have a large collection of encyclopedic, entertainment, and life articles in no time!

Featured articles

Hyacinth Rides a Swan Over the Waters.png

 462px-Cscr-featured .png  Hyacinth (mythology) - yacinth /ˈhaɪəsɪnθ/ or Hyacinthus (in ancient Greek, Ὑάκινθος, Hyakinthos) is a divine hero from Greek mythology and Apollo's young lover, a beardless youth. His cult was located at Amyclae, (Greek: Αμύκλες) the ruins of which are situated 2 km northeast of the current village[1] and dates from the Mycenaean era. The sanctuary (temenos) grew up around his burial mound (tumulus), located in the Classical period at the feet of Apollo's statue

Did you know...

  • … that Boyland on line is an online message board for boylovers. Originally rolled out in 2007, (also known as BLOL) is a safe haven for boylovers from all over the world.
The poet Figani with a young cupbearer. Ottoman miniature painting, 16th century.png

Word of the month

From Portal:Boylove News Channel

UA Flight 175 hits WTC south tower 9-11 edit.jpeg
Beginning in the early months of 2018, a numbers of illegal attacks took place against BL related websites by individuals and groups that have yet to be identified. Gone are Young City and Enchanted Island
(Staff Writer - March 24, 2018 )

The News Portal
Starting in 2012, some US customers of Azov Films have been arrested and charged with receipt and possession of child pornography: some of the nude visual material has been construed as illegal by US Law Enforcement Officers ("LEO's"), including agents of the United States Postal Inspection Service.
Also see:

Ethos 1.jpg
Boards, Radios, News, & Magazines. Our Community Support is Growing.
(LtDreamer - September 14, 2016)
Scotty Bowers was a Hollywood petrol-pump attendant and later bartender, but these occupations were easily eclipsed by his role in the sex lives of the film stars and other major celebrities who frequented his adopted town.
(Edmund Marlowe, October 17, 2016 )
Out of the blue and after ten years of no communication, Australian teacher Fred Musgrove receives a telephone call from recently widowed, young Jonno, his lost love.
(Book Review, Edmund Marlowe, August 28, 2016 )
Hello. Many of you know me as Dragonlover on the various Boylove sites. But, there is one thing that you may not know about me: that I am a registered sex offender.
(Dragonlover, Editorial, US, July 10, 2016)

  • Help wanted: BoyWiki is currently looking for people interested in writing for Boylove News, no experience required, will train. Areas of interest can include: Current Events, entertainment, community events and news, sex offender registry reform as well as other areas of interest. Contact

  • BoyWiki is going to begin its fundraising drive as soon as things become stable again to help off set costs for hosting and domain name renewal. However, please feel free to make a donation to Free Spirits at any time.

Today's featured image: June 24, 2018

Scruffy Lad 2005 Ibldslide 11 418x510.jpg
Title Unknown/ Scruffy Lad. – ca. June 2005.

Scruffy Lad is believed to have created this card in June, 2005 and it is the eleventh in a series of 14 cards that he created to commemorate International Boylove Day.

Scruffy Lad was a quiet Boylove activist, who worked diligently behind the scenes. A kind and gentle man, who would often recount the cherished memories of his youth when he had been a loved boy. He began creating his cards in 1998 for the first IBLD and continued until 2007. His art is a lasting reminder of the joy, tenderness, and compassion that is within all of us.

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