January 11

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  • 1999 - That's just plain Goofy - On this date it was reported that ABC News spent four months researching Disney as a result of revelations in Peter Schweizer's book, Disney: The Mouse Betrayed. Schweizer reported that Disney's Magic Kingdom had a problem with hiring convicted pedos. With 51,000 employees, their company's hiring policy did not require criminal-background checks. Over a period of four months, ABC's research reinforced the conclusion that the pedophile problem was worse at Disney than other theme parks. This information was verified by local prosecutors, sex-crime detectives from the state police and two local sheriff's departments, a plaintiff's attorney, and a child abuse activist. All told the ABC News team, on the record, about specific cases within the previous five years involving pedos working at a Disney theme park or hotels. These authorities said Disney was less cooperative with law-enforcement and battling the problem than other parks. ABC News also discovered that Disney did not cooperate much with local law-enforcement agencies. When a British girl was raped by a Disney vendor, security hesitated to call police. Ironically, Disney tried to use the fact that they own ABC as a basis for saying that the ABC investigation was inappropriate.[1]
  • 1999 - Not grooming. Just stupidity. - Disney recalled 3.4 million copies of its 1977 animated feature The Rescuers on this date after discovering two photographs of a nude women among the film's more than 110,000 frames. A Disney spokeswoman said that the pictures had been laid over the original cels of the film when it was produced in the mid-70's. From now on the spokeswoman said, every frame of every Disney movie will be inspected. It is a wonder, however, that Disney did not announce that it would cease to recycle old porn movie stock in making its kids films.[1]
  • 2000 - I'm not sure if I'm allowed to like this film - On this date the film Eban and Charley was released. The story focussed on a 15 year old boy and the romantic connection he develops with a 29 year old man. The age of the boy left critics in a quandary - they did not want to look anti-gay by condemning the film, yet they did not want to look pro-pedo by praising it. In the end, a good film about real people and real feelings was responded to more often on political grounds than artistic ones.[1]
  • 2002 - Hong Kong? Phooey! - The government of Hong Kong published the text of The Prevention of Child Pornography Bill on this date. The bill, which was designed to create various offences relating to child pornography, pornographic performance by children and child sex tourism, was introduced into the Legislative Council by the Administration later the same month. For the purposes of the legislation, the cut off age of "child" was set at 16. No reasons were given for drawing the line there.[1]




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