January 8

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  • 1896 - A lover of youth and alcohol - Paul Verlaine is known to some as a French poet of the 19th century and to others as just another pedo. He is often thought of as a boylover because of his famous sexual relationship with another French poet, Arthur Rimbaud when the latter was 16. But Verlaine had previously been in love with a female cousin and married Mathilde Maute when she was only 16. Verlaine drank too much, a vice that lead to him being arrested for wounding Rimbaud with a gun. When he was examined by the court physicians they noted that and he "bears on his person the signs of active and passive pederastic habits," whatever that means. He was sentenced to 18 months in jail. Although he continued to drink too much after his release, Verlaine was celebrated as the leading poet of France. He died at age 52 of pulmonary congestion on this date in the home one of his favorite prostitutes. His funeral was attended by thousands in Paris.[1]
  • 1941 - Follow me, boys! - Robert Baden-Powell, founder of the scouting movement, died on this date. He turned his military experience and his passion for children into a movement that now spans the globe. Tim Jeal wrote in a biography of Baden-Powel that at a Scouts' camping ground "he always enjoyed watching the boys swimming naked, and would sometimes chat with them after they had 'just stripped off'." Baden-Powell also apparently enjoyed KP as he wrote once in a journal, "Tod's photos of naked boys and trees etc. Excellent." His legacy is an organization that has provided bonding experiences for many men and boys. Well done, sir.[1]
  • 2001 - Why not make it a trillion dollars, then? - Charles Jaynes and Salvatore Sicari were convicted of kidnapping, raping and killing 10 year old Jeffrey Curley. With no assets to their names and serving life sentences, the Curley's were not satisfied. They sued the two men in a civil action. On this date a Massachusetts jury ordered the two men to pay $328 million to the Curly's. They do not expect to collect any of that money. Next on their agenda: suing NAMBLA in federal court for $1 billion. The ACLU has agreed to defend NAMBLA in that case.[1]




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