January 27

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  • 1994 - "Jordy C is not my lover / He's just a kid who says that I was the one" - A Reuters news service report on this date revealed that when the police examined and photographed every micrometer of Michael Jackson's body in an attempt to corroborate accusations that he had molested Jordy Chandler, the police found that none of Jackson’s features matched Jordy’s descriptions. As for the boy’s stories about his risqué encounters with Jackson, the circumstances under which those stories arose rob them of all credibility. Before Jordy Chandler said anything about molestation, the boy’s father, Evan Chandler, an aspiring screenwriter, became angry at Michael Jackson for not helping him with his career in Hollywood. Evan Chandler revealed that he had planned to destroy Michael Jackson in a secretly recorded telephone conversation that GQ magazine reported on in October 1994.[1]
  • 2000 - Just a little television show, or something more? - In Scotland a publication called The Big Picture printed a story on this date about the television show Queer As Folk. In that show's first episode a 29 year old man picks up a 15 year old boy and brings him home for a sexual encounter. Russell Davies, the creator and writer of the series, said, "The business about Nathan being 15 - it happens. It didn't occur to me for a second that because it's going on television you have to make it nicer and more palatable for people. I tell you what's interesting about that first episode. It's just people's reactions to a naked arse, basically. There are funny little pieces to camera that crop up now and again, and Stuart does one about how when he was 12 years old he got into the shower with his teacher and shagged him. No one commented on that. I've not had a single comment about scene because there's not a naked arse, but I think 's twice as shocking." The show went in a year from being the subject of endless complaints and criticisms for its content to one being credited with helping Britain to lower the AOC for homosexual sex.[1]




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