January 21

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  • 1921 - A year in the making; A labor of love - The Charlie Chaplin / Jackie Coogan classic film The Kid premiered on this date. The film is notable for a number of reasons. Firstly, it was the first feature film to ever place a child in a lead role. Coogan was 6 when the film was made. He then went on to be a film star. While not overtly a pedo story, it might as well have been. In the film Chaplin becomes the caretaker for Coogan, who was abandoned by his mother. Their bond of love is undeniable, especially in the heart-wrenching scene where both man and boy are in tears as they are forcibly separated by the authorities. It is a sympathetic story of the deep and loving bond between a man and a boy who are unrelated by blood or law. How appropriate for the first story ever filmed to star a child.[1]
  • 2000 - Words that rhyme with "muck" include .... - The film (What? Another movie item?) Chuck and Buck was released on this date. The story focuses on two childhood friends, now adults. Chuck and Buck were best friends growing up until Chuck moves away when he is 11. When they meet a decade and a half later, Chuck has matured, but Buck is has not developed emotionally or in personality beyond age 11. Chuck is embarrassed by Buck's emotional immaturity and tries to cut off all contact. Shattered by this rejection, Buck stalks Chuck. Anti-pedos hated the film because it seemed to be about a sort-of pedo relationship, even though there was no actual age difference. And that the "younger" character was the stalker really threw them, too. A quirky gay film or a stealth pedo film? You be the judge....[1]
  • 2002 - Bounty! The quicker picker-upper! - Doug Stead, a Canadian high-tech businessman and founder of "Entrepreneurs Against Pedophiles" (EAP) announced on this date that EAP was offering a $10,000 reward for information or evidence which leads to the arrest and conviction of any pedo or child pornographer working within any Canadian law society, medical society, provincial or federal department of justice, or any past or present member of a provincial or federal legislature, as well as any provincial or federal member of the judiciary. There is no word as to how many false accusations were laid by people desperate to cash in on the easy money that EAP offered.[1]




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